Made my first clickbank sale!!!!!

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I am so happy that yesterday i made my very first clickbank sale...its so amazing and interesting to know that this stuff really works. I am kind of stranded as i want to learn how to make more of sales. I am using article marketing, social bookmarking sites and a little bit of videos to send traffic to my landing pages. Any tips would be highly appreciated.

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    Great stuff! I am so thrilled for you. I remember my first sale, which came from a paper mailing. I still remember the name of my customers, Diana Moylan, who has gone onto buy every product I ever produced....amazing.

    Congrats again....


    Cambridge Business Academy
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    Thanks kevin, i am so thrilled...i want to learn to increase those sales!!! any tips??

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    Hey that is great - well done. Feels good huh!

    Now keep it going. Focus on that one site until it is selling more and more. Don't back off.
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    Originally Posted by ejoka1986 View Post

    Any tips would be highly appreciated.

    Congrats on your first sale.

    Tip: Send your article traffic to a squeeze page and build
    a list. Give them good content and promote something
    you think that will help them now and again.

    Traffic + Squeeze Page + Good Content + Promotions = $$$

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    @easy really feels great,thanks!

    @amity...i would love to do that,but i am currently on a limited budget and don't have enough cash to get an autoresponder service.

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    That is wonderful man. Congratues.
    Me too have registered with clickbank and got one product to promote.... still no sales
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    wow bro, congrats!

    Now do what you've been doing on a bigger scale!
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    Thank you guys! @peter...continue to send traffic to your landing page and you will see results, the more consistent you become the more chances of getting a sale you will have.

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    Congrats and good luck in future sales!
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    Thank you alex.

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    Hey, congrats!!! Must feel awesome getting that first sale. That's one of the biggest major hurdles is getting that first sale. Now you just need to repeat and scale up
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    Just continue to take action!

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      Good job! I've made some attempts to sell affiliate products via Clickbank, and I've had zero success. I get checks from Clickbank because of my own products, but not from affiliate sales.

      Now my brother is attempting to sell Clickbank affiliate products -- hope he has success!

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      Congratulation on your first sale
      just repeat what you have done with your first sale and you will find stream of sale.

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    Thanks everyone! @Freeman, sorry to hear about that but if you want to learn marketing affiliate products, i highly recommend this guy, just google him, his name is Casey Gentles, after downloading his free ebook it really changed how i market affiliate products and it was at the time when he was showing his 30 days challenge on how he takes a completely new niche and make sales in 30 days, i didn't make much but it proves that the method works!!!!

    Thank you casey!

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    Well done. Just keep building your opt in list then send a click bank product to it. You should see more sales.

    Brand New FREE Marketing System. Generate Multiple Income Streams

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