Look at these SCREENSHOTS of my Daily Results! Tell me what I am doing wrong?!

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Day 1-media traffic http://imgur.com/a/WbEoj

Well guys, this was my first day trying to drive traffic with affiliate and CPA offers. I am using Mediatraffic, and unfortunately I have no results. I am using Url scraper for my keywords, and listing 4-5 keywords to scrape. I am an afffiliate under Amazon Associates and I am wondering why I got 0 ad impressions.

Day1 Amazon http://imgur.com/a/WbEoj

even though I sent traffic with the Iphone 7, and galaxy 7. But every offer reported accurately, only the amazon offers. Anyway, what am I doing wrong? Is it the offer? Is it the keywords? Is it because I don't have a landing page and autoresponder? Is it just the variance of paid traffic? What should I adjust for tomorrow so I can hope to see profit?

Thanks in advance! I am going to keep this thread ongoing and post my results for the next month.

Day1 More niche http://imgur.com/a/WbEoj

Day1 Cpa Full http://imgur.com/a/WbEoj
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    The thing i see you are doing wrong is that you are making no money

    Hey i am just kidding, if you a really motivated you will make money but is just your first day! You shouldn't be expecting results this fast.

    Why don't you want a landing page and an autoresponder? Those would be my priorities.
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    Thanks, yea I figured it was just variance. But I wanted to test a wide range of products. I don't want to commit so much time on a landing page, and an autoresponder without the right product.
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    The Galaxy 7 has the best conversion rate on the first OP image.

    Is that the phone with the battery fire/recall?
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    Basically you are showing us images of how much you spent on advertising. But, without seeing the page people land on when they click the link then there is absolutely nothing we can tell you.


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