How amazing is the concept of contextual commerce!

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If I am not listening, it doesnt matter what you say

This is the whole Idea behind contextual commerce and essentially its saying you have to reach me, the message must change my attitude and intimately change my behaviour.

I find this whole concept really fascinating and something that makes complete sense to me, yet I am intrigued how to change my future customer's behaviour. I am really interested in eCommerce, buying habits and basically shopping online in general and contextual commerce is a bit of a buzz word that I keep on coming across.

There are heaps of opportunities for merchants surround this idea and keeping up to date with the data and signals of the user can make online commerce even more lucrative than it already is.

If youre new to the concept heres the basic lowdown of contextual commerce:
  • Also called frictionless commerce
  • Contextual commerce is using the smartphone in your marketing strategy to track user habits and understand their needs and give them what they want, when they want it.
  • Ideally this form of marketing is opt in (otherwise it could get pretty annoying based on how many products and services one person could be purchasing online)
  • The marketing is predictive notifications based on demographic, behavioural and situations data
  • Proactive delivery of products - replacement is automated and customer receives it before they need it
  • Focused on a tailored, adaptive and predictive customer experience

An example of contextual commerce - you go to the gym, you drink a protein shake, your phone figures out when youre running low based on the amount of times you have been to the gym and arranged for new product to be sent to you just in time before you run out.

Whos keen to use it or loving the idea of this as much as I am?

Although I think there could be some issues with privacy and also pre-ordering seamlessly with an individuals credit card etc - this all sounds like the sort of marketing that could change the face of eCommerce,
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