How do you enter a Commission Junction affiliate link into your ebooks?

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I'm just wondering how other go about adding a commission junction text link advert into a ebook. When I go to grab the link code I notice it's got a 1pixel tracking image as part of the code.

I understand how this works with websites but what about when the link is in an ebook? What should I be doing so that I stay within their rules and don't lose my tracking cookie?
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    That image is how they tell how many impressions you are getting. It's not a tracking cookie. It's safe to leave out.
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      Make the link in your ebook a page on your website and make that page a redirect to the CJ merchants page. That way it's still the CJ tracking link and if you later want to change merchants or change the link for some reason after hundreds of ebooks have been downloaded you can.

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        I'm with Alan on this.

        Don't use direct affiliate links in your ebook.

        Put a link to a page you have complete control over
        and use a redirect.

        That way if anything happens to the product or you find a better one in the same niche you can change over.

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