Need to spice up your boring old infographics? Heres how..

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If youre a visual person, infographics are a godsend for blogs, spicing up online content.

Experts says they make blogs and articles 80% more consumable and due to their popularity it is 8 times more likely you will see an infographic today than you would have in 2012.

If youre wondering whats next for infographics, heres what people are starting to focus on more and more in the world of infographics:

Interactive infographics

This is where you can click on the infographics and get more info or be taken to a landing page with further details - this isnt really too much of a huge jump but it will be a draw card to enhancing user experience.

Its expected scroll over stats will be able to stand out, pop-ups could appear within parts of the text and you can connect directly to specific stats within the image.

Video and GIFS embedded in the infographic

Embedding video from Youtube allows video within the infographic via a video layer. This style allows you to share your infographic on YouTube, Instagram, and apps such as Snapchat.

Animated infographics

While you probably need a developer to help you with code animated infographics are a while new world for the standard static infographic.

If your content needs a visual boost or your keen to tap into the power of infographics to enhance your engagement, you might want to start trying these options for infographics next time youre writing a blog or article.

Heres the stats Top Ways Infographics Can Increase Site Traffic and Improve Appearance
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