Looking For The Most Comprehensive Membership Site Solution For A WordPress-based Website

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I would like to hear your opinion about the most comprehensive membership solution for a WordPress-based website. Also, if you could list some of the pros and cons of any membership software/plugins/solutions you have personally used, that would be most helpful.

Thank you.

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    for me its DAP. It can handle everything in terms of content drip feeding, mailing, member management, member levels etc.
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    Hi , I don't want to spol your thunder but the reply to your question depends on what you mean by "comprehensive".

    It probably best to list what your requirements are - basically what are you personally looking for in a membership software etc then people can respond to what fits that criteria?

    I could link to a blog post that reviews quite a few (membership software/plugins) but not sure if I can place links here :-) (been a while since i have posted I can't be bothered to read the rules)

    The blog posts is a bit old but it does gives idea of core things to consider which I think will be relevant.

    let me know (MODS) if I can post link (not affiliated to the blog post).
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      Sorry posted wrong link :-)

      here is correct one: http://imimpact.com/membership-and-product-delivery-kajabi-amember-nanacast-and-more/

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    Thanks for your replies. Here are some of the capabilities I would like to have:

    Control Content Access - This would include the ability to protect a forum created with bbPress or a comparable WordPress-based forum.

    Content Dripping Capability

    Unlimited Membership Levels - With The ability to allow for upgrades to higher membership levels.

    Integration with popular email services - Such as Aweber, Get Response, etc.

    Integration with a variety of payment gateways

    Ability to protect and sell downloadable digital products such as ebooks or videos

    Outstanding technical/customer support - This is a deal breaker. Regardless of how wonderful the product is, it is not an option for me without outstanding technical/customer support.

    Ability to offer limited-time discount coupons

    Ability to offer a limited-time trial membership

    Price - Price is not a factor for an excellent product with excellent technical/customer service.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Have you heard the name of WishList member? Check it out. Thanks :-)
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    I have used Wishlist Member for years on multiple sites. I'm very happy with it.

    That said, I've been experimenting with Paid Membership Pro and have been quite impressed.

    I'm finding I don't want to switch membership tools mid stream. So try to pick carefully. 5 years down the road you aren't going to want to change, probably.

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      Originally Posted by Sage Lewis View Post

      I'm finding I don't want to switch membership tools mid stream. So try to pick carefully. 5 years down the road you aren't going to want to change, probably.
      I'm in agreement here in that I don't want to continually have to switch membership software. I'm interested in a long-term solution.

      Thank you for your input and thanks to everyone else who has been kind enough to respond.

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    for a long term solution, leave wordpress and get amember from cgicentral
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    DAP (Digital Access Pass) can answer all your requirement list.
    The only thing is that while support was good at first, I am having
    a hiccup with that now and not sure if it's on their side or mine.
    I came here to research that and so far I see only praise for their
    support so hopefully they will answer my ticket soon enough.
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