Best IM focus for earning while travelling?

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I am 30 and my dream has always been to travel the world for 5-10 years. I'm currently in a 2 year contract (assistant manager for a soccer centre) that's ending in a year and a half and want to develop a skill set on the side that will allow me to travel the world for that amount of time and not return completely broke (in my late 30s)

My contract only has me working approx. 20-25 hours a week so I have a TON of free time. I'm making about 43k but no benefits so will be able to pocket a bit of cash as well or take some education (have a BA in economics already.

Some of the options I've looked at and considered:

Copywriting:Obviously can be done anywhere but it seems they are a dime a dozen.

Digital marketing: I've worked on and off doing this as a hobby trying to promote my own blogs etc. It's decently interesting but again so many scammy sounding people out there diluting the market (I get a half dozen emails a week to my work account from some Indian firm looking to get us a higher search ranking.

Web Development: Seems like a better option as it actually takes a bit to learn it so filters out all the fakers but still a lot of people in the market and may be harder to do abroad as requires a bit of collaboration. I know basic HTML/CSS but not much else.

I'm also open to something I could do in any country although I'll likely be going to places like Thailand/Mexico etc. so figure I'll be screwed with salaries there and should stick to online work. Also no interest in teaching English as I don't want to be tied to any one spot.

Those are the 3 I have explored and researched so far but I'm skeptical that I could afford to travel doing any one of them. Like I said, I have 2 years to prep and could "train up" 40 hours a week. VERY motivated to make this a reality so willing to work hard to gain a marketable skill.

Any thoughts or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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    Since you have about 2 years before you go then you can start several businesses. It would probably be advisable to start one and stick with it until it works (or doesn't). That should take about 6-12 months to figure that out.

    Consider email marketing. You can do that from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. You can check out a few books on Amazon to get started.

    Another option is to consider affiliate marketing. This could be combined with email marketing to produce a good income. It boils down to the products you promote, how well they convert, and how consistent you are at promoting them.

    Good Luck,

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