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by pabda
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Hello, I'm jack of all trade master of none, at present I work as London cabbie but on the side I do eBay selling, YouTube, website. I have 3 YouTube channels, 6/7 websites, 1 EBay store with over 500 listing.
I know eBay inside out, I started selling on EBay back in the good old day's 2005 to 2006 at that time I was mainly selling figures, figurine, pole pottery products, whitefriars glass and other rare antique items to expect Brits around the world. The reason I give up due to too much hassle I was getting from overseas customers, I stop trading for last 9 years just bought products from EBay. Recently started trading again and doing very well selling bits and bobs cool2buyuk.
YouTube channel about Indian restaurant cooking and about make money online blog the other one personal, the websites based on the above theme and afflicted marketing.
I would appreciate your advice as to which direction to take.
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    I think your problem might be your focus. You are trying to do too many things at once.

    You need to analyse and see which method is the best for you in terms of time invested and profit made, so then based on that just do that one thing to the max.

    If eBay is working well for you, then why don't you try sourcing some popular items from overseas and sell them for a profit in the UK? A very common business model for many eBay sellers, but obviously the competition is very heavy on eBay, so you will need to dig deep and try to find something that is not overdone.
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