Selling E-books on Fiverr without doing any other gigs

by Navid
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Hi, this is my second post on the warrior forum regarding some guidance I would really love about Fiverr. My other post in which has been getting some very helpful replies from people is this

Now I have some questions I would love some help with about E-books on Fiverr.

I have read some people saying that selling E-books on Fiverr can be very profitable while others have said the opposite. I know there is no guarantee in anything when you're selling something or doing any kind of business. But my question is not so much about whether I can make a profit on Fiverr selling my books. Of course that is an issue but in this question that is not the number one issue. Firstly I'm looking to work on Fiverr but because of some physical problems which I face I really want to study the whole place and see which is the best option for me. More of that is given on the details of my other post on the link I gave above. But I want to also look and the potential of being able to sell the book because that would require me not to continuously work on Fiverr. I'm working on an e- book now about a spiritual topic and if I can sell it on Fiverr I can just send the book to whoever is willing to buy it. More like a recurring job. Something that doesn't need to be done every time I work on it. If I get a green signal from you guys on the questions which are posted below, I would consider shortening the book and sell the shorter version on Fiverr and after finishing the whole thing sell the longer version through Amazon Kindle. My main plan is to sell the book through Amazon but right now I just want to see my potential of selling the lesser version through Fiverr and making some money.

I have some questions below and I would appreciate your guidance. I would of course ofcourse like to hear from people who work on Fiverr

1. Can I try and sell my E-book without actually doing any other gigs at first ?

2. Can I sell my the book without a cover page ? I know the titles, cover pages and some other things can make a book sell well but the question I'm asking is am i allowed to sell a book on Fiverr without the cover page ? I will send it to my buyers on PDF format as I know an online website that converts any text into PDF within minutes so PDF is not a problem.

3. Will my bookselling on Fiverr in any way disturb my future selling on Amazon ? Because selling it on Amazon is my ultimate goal and I don't want to disturb that for anything else ?

4. If I sell my book in different languages will that increase the chances of my sells on Fiverr ?

5. Last question, how do I make sure somebody doesn't take the book from me and start selling it on Amazon or anywhere else ? Is there a technique to make sure that doesn't happen ? They can go sell it to their friends or do whatever they want with it but as long as they don't steal in my business

I know I asked too many questions in one post but I just wanted to finish the entire E-book part of my questions in one place. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for any help
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    To be honest there is no way you will ever sell a book without a cover, although fiver does allow you to try... but I would recommend you put a lot of effort into covers.
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    With all due respect, a lot of guys in your other thread, suggested that you take your very Fiverr-specific questions to the Fiverr forum as you will have a lot more experienced Fiverr members there to answer all your questions.

    So please > Fiverr Forum - Best Fiverr Gigs, Fiverr Tips, Fiverr News : Fiverr Forum
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      That forum is all about the forum itself .Whers the section with all the question and answers where we can post our questions ?
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