Is there any way to retain a domain name for good?

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Hi everyone.

I have purchased a great domain name only a month or so ago and I have been contacted about selling it.

I expect that it will be a popular one, however I want to retain it for good - and selling it with the entire business down the track if I choose to move on.

Is there a way to do this so that I know I have the domain for good without having to repurchase it every year?

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    You can pay for more than one year at a time!
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    I would register it for 10 years now.

    If you do it annually or every 2 years then a significant rise in the worth of the site will be reflected in your fees. If you register for 10 years now you have pice of mind.

    Having said all that 10 years is a lonnnnnng time! Personally I do 2 years at a time.
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    If your debit/credit card information is saved with your domain registrar, then the domain will automatically renew itself every year or whatever period you have initially paid for - no need to worry about losing it.
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    Thanks guys, I am planning on purchasing it for as long as possible - I just wondered if there was a way that it can never lapse really and if that's even possible.

    The domain name is the crux of the product and I just don't want to lose it as it's got so much value.

    Thanks for your comments.
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