Feeling Stuck - I'm Lost With Direction - Help?

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I'm 26 and I've been an entrepreneur on my own for about 5 years now. I have a business retailing products online, and wholesaling products in our brand to other distributors/retailers.

I've now created a blog to establish myself in my niche, so that I can later monetize. I have written a few posts already, and have a site up with minimal design.

I know it's normal to feel lost at certain points, but I'm really having some trouble recently. I feel stuck more than usual when it comes to this project.

Being that I have absolutely no one in my personal life that has done this sort of thing, I'm reaching out to the best community I know in hopes of meeting some new people, and finding a mentor or mastermind team I can join.

I know I have value to give, and I'm hoping to find my way through some of these blockages sooner, rather than later.

Anyone wanna point me in the right direction?
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    Depending on where you live, you may be able to joing an organization called:
    YEO= Young Entrepreneurs Organization.

    I was a member many moons ago and they are a fantastic group to join if you can get into it. Your income has to be at a certain level and you have to interview to get in.

    The intent of the group is to get together monthly to discuss each others businesses. Usually 1-3 people present their business problems or opportunities each month then the other 6-8 people in the group will critique the presentation.

    This will help you tremendously if you can get in.
    I'm not sure if it exists outside the US. Like I said, I was a member over 10 years ago. I'm sure they are still around, you just have to research and check them out.

    Good luck...

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    Thanks for your post! I just checked them out. I wouldn't qualify unfortunately.

    I'm think I'm feeling stuck when I consider of my blog for entrepreneurship with a philosophical approach would work. I haven't seen this niche before, so I'm doubting if I can build a following to provide value to.
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    Why you hate on the WSOs? WSOs all have a little nugget in there that I didn't think about and now I'm pretty good at making money online myself.
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    You know, its always hard to tell. Am I doubting this idea because its actually not a great idea, or am I just being too apprehensive?

    As we both know, some ideas do suck. Yours sounds good to me just go for it man
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    It sounds like you started out with a kind of plan but not one detailed enough to keep you going. Not too uncommon, certainly. We have an idea for a website, build the website, and then....stuck.

    That's what you need now - a more detailed plan.

    You're questioning your niche since you haven't seen it before but at the same time you've said you have value to offer so that's a good sign. Figure out who needs what you have to offer. What do they do? Where are they located? What do they need? What are their biggest challenges? How can you help them the most?

    Start brainstorming. Write down everything you can think of that you could write about to help that group. Organize those topics into groups to form your site categories. That can help you fine-tune your navigation menu and keep you focused.

    Take all the content ideas you had while brainstorming and brainstorm again. Often we take a big topic and try to stuff it into a single post when, in reality, it could probably be covered in multiple posts smaller chunks at a time. Break your content down into sizeable chunks to come up with post ideas. This becomes a content plan.

    Work through your content plan to add new posts and keep track of any new post ideas that you come up with along the way.

    WHILE working on the content, create a marketing plan. Which social media sites should you be on in order to best reach your target audience? Start building up those profiles. How often are you going to post to those profiles, what are you going to post, how much time will you spend on them each day/week, what will you do to gain followers? Answer those questions to come up with your marketing activities schedule.

    Put your monetization plan together. What are you going to promote, if anything? Start implementing.

    Spend a couple of weeks, maybe a month, following your plan and then check your stats. Look at any traffic coming in, find out how it's getting to your site (Google Analytics can tell you) and figure out what pages/posts of your site are getting the most attention. Can you do anything with those pages to generate more leads, sales, time on site - whatever your main objective - and come up with some ways to leverage those pages into more activity.

    Keep going through the cycle. Add content, work your marketing plan, keep tweaking the monetization strategy for increased results, check stats to find areas of additional improvement, and work all the feedback you gain from reports back into your plan.

    It's probably not how everyone would do it but that's what I'd do.

    Good luck!
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    As a 40-year-old guy still looking for the right directions, I can only say that you still have plenty of time for making both right and wrong choices, lol. Don't worry, though, you aren't going to end up like me, lol. Maybe you just need to be patient. Mark my words perception is a killer. What may seem to you as an eternity while you wait to achieve your goals, in the outside real world is nothing more than a month or a year in the worst case. So, hold your horses and don't lose patience. You are young and in the worst case you still have 16 years to catch up with me, lol. Hope you don't mind this humorous tone, but I just wanted to cheer you up.
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    You guys are all awesome. I'm incredibly appreciative. Thank you for the guidance, support, and encouragement. You guys each contributed to give me what I needed to hear. Thanks you!!
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