PUSH UP NOTIFICATION: do you like it? how to realize ...

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Personally i dont like it as a user, but...

Do you love and you use Push Up notification in your site?

How can i realize it and when the users accept it, it shows also an opt in box?

Do you segment or use any data coming from push up notifications?
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  • No. It's annoying. It's obvious it will be used to "push" BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW on me.

    While in concept it could have been a good idea - I think most people will quickly become frustrated with it because it will be used as a medium for spam with buy now messages.
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    these days most people don't respond well to push up notifications from the data I've collected on it. Better off being more gentle
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    I never accept them.

    I'm an mailer and would rather just collect someones email. I do see the value, since there is no spam folder to get in the way. However, I mainly just send ads, so I don't see it working for me and never bothered with it.
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    It's actually good if you are running a blog and if you are producing quality contents. Many top marketers and big blogging websites are using these and obviously it works. One condition you can't start spamming. Thanks :-)
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    I see this Trend more and more and quite honestly NOT even once have I allowed it

    - Robert Andrew
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