Banned from Amazon Associates, advice?

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Just got an e-mail saying Im termintated from Amazon associates program. I recently registered, like 2 months ago.

The website should be no problem, its a phpbb forum, with privacy policy and affiliate disclosure.

My question is, can I reapply for the associates program with another website? Will they give me a fair chance or am I cursed forever from being an amazon affiliate?

They did not give me any information as to why I was terminated in the first place, have asked their support for a comment, but I was thinking I would get better advice here from fellow marketers that probably have been through this before...

I dont really have any website at the moment, if I should buy a website to be approved for associates, any advice on what kind of site to get?
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    Are you sure you were "banned"? Amazon's policy lately has been to give an affiliate 90 days to make their first sale. If you don't make a sale in that 90 day window they close the account but, I believe, the notice says something about being able to reapply. Then the 90 day clock starts again.

    However, if you really were terminated for cause then it's highly possible you won't get your account back. It depends on the reason. There are certainly some for which they will not reconsider their decision. They're pretty strict.

    If you're able to reopen your account you don't need to buy a website in order to get approved. I'd start with a website that has a good 10 posts on it with quality content. Build the site first, make sure you're following their rules, and then reapply.

    If you can't reopen your account there are a number of alternatives. Walmart is a good one because they also have a wide selection of products, similar to Amazon. It's sometimes harder to get approved by them. Many of the big, national chains have affiliate programs through CJ and Rakuten and there are lots of smaller companies through ShareASale.

    You might also be able to partner with someone although there could be tax consequences depending on your location. You'd have to get the Amazon account in the other person's name which means they'd get the payments and tax forms (if applicable) and you'd have to sort out how that gets handled (check with an accountant/tax specialist).
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    Yeah I was banned. I actually made 1 sale before I was banned, so I was not banned for not making sales.

    Anyhow, looks like I wont be getting in again. Really did everything I could to follow the rules this time...

    What about drop shipping amazon then?
    Today I received an e-mail about a solution that will setup a dropshipping store based on amazon products. That would be a way to get a piece of the amazon pie and not be dependent on amazon and their daily mood.. I dont know if it would actually work, a lot of stuff to consider, refunds, shipping times, can amazon ship wihtout sending out an amazon receipt or branding their packages? No e-mail to the product creator available either so I guess I will never know..

    This is the e-mail I received from Amazon Associates:
    Thank you for your interest in the Amazon Associates Program. 
    We completed our review of your application to become an 
    Associate, which included a visit to the Web site where you planned to 
    create links to our store. After careful consideration, we have 
    decided that your site may not present a mutually beneficial business 
    opportunity. We have therefore decided not to approve your 
    application to become an Amazon Associate. 
    Accordingly, we have closed the account under which you had been 
    temporarily approved and that approval has now ended. Thank you for 
    your interest in

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    I would ask what would need to be changed on the site to make it eligible.
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    From looking at the email they sent it does not look like you are banned, just not approved. there is probably something about the forum they do not like.


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
    ~Jack Handey~

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    You account has not been approved So, they rejected your application by closing your account. You can reapply for a new account. But make sure whatever you do must comply with their terms.

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    Unless you're referring to something completely different to what is said in that email, it seems you just need to make your website more compliant to amazon's terms. Hope this helps
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    I agree, it doesn't look like you were banned.

    Add some quality content to your site, make sure the site is focused on helping consumers, and read through their terms to make sure you're in compliance before you apply again.

    Drop shipping can and does work - I have several friends who do very well that way but it took them awhile to get up and running. There's certainly a learning curve but it is a viable business model.
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    Thanks for your answers, so Im not completely out of the game yet.
    Maybe next person panicking searching this forum for "banned from amazon" will find some comfort in this thread in the future. :-)

    Hoping Amazon will answer to my e-mail with my questions then and maybe Ill get another chance to do it again. Amazon is the most well-known affiliate program.

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    You can always reply. But if they don't answer move on to another alternative. This option is right now widely discussed on one of the Facebook groups
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    Wish you luck with their affiliate program. At the % given I was never able to make the kinda money I wanted on there lol
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    I got this e-mail now, "future applications will most likely be rejected as well"...


    As previously stated, weve determined that we're not able to approve your application to become an Amazon Associate. Future applications will most likely be rejected as well.

    You can find the complete terms of the Operating Agreement, including the Linking Requirements and Participation Requirements, via this link:

    Because this decision is final, further requests to review your application will not receive a response.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards,
    Thank you.

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    Like others have said it just looks like rejection, but never gotten this kind of email myself so don't know for sure. But there are other sites you can apply to like ebay.
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