Article Marketing What is Google's position on multiple submissions?

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When I first started writing articles, I wrote to EZA and asked about duplicate content. I had seen so many conflicting opinions that I decided to get an answer from them since that was my primary target.

They said the "duplicate content" rule meant that it had to be my original content that it could not be a regurgitation of someone else's work. It did not matter if that article has appeared on your blog or in another directory. But they said, "Naturally, we would like for it to appear first here." That, to me, was just good business sense on their part.

I have only recently started working on backlinks. (I have to take one step at a time.) It did not dawn on me until I read another post here that you could actually list in too many directories. Not that I have done that but I do have a submission program that lists over 500.

Is there a general consensus on how many is too many? Do you consider a certain number to be an optimum one? I have read enough to get a pretty concrete opinion about what the top 4 to 10 directories would be. But if you are interested in listing a couple of your favorites, I would certainly be interested in adding them to my tally of favorites.

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    Well if you are using the exact same article you don't want to submit to very many sites at all as duplicate content isn't always a regurgitation of someone else's work but of your own!

    If you take the time or the money to outsource into altering or "spinning" your content you can spread to more directories but what you want is a handful of valuable backlinks over a thousand crappy ones. Focus on quality directories like EZA.
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