How Much Traffic Does It Take To Establish a Conversion Rate

by WillDL
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I'm a longtime lurker on the boards and I'm working on my first product. Right now I'm doing a test run with PPC to try and establish a conversion rate and tweek my salespage.

I'm curious how much traffic you think a site needs before you can confidently average out a conversion rate?

Thanks in Advance.
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    More important than traffic, is the number of actual conversions that are received. It really depends on the type of product. Wait until you have sold a handful of them and then figure it.

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  • OFFICIAL ANSWER: Wait until each version has had about 100 conversions. i.e.: If you are testing 3 sales page variations, wait until you have about 100 sales from each.

    RULE OF THUMB IF YOU QUOTE ME ON THIS I'LL DENY EVER SAYING IT VERSION: If the source of the traffic is the same for all versions you can often eliminate one or two versions from testing earlier to get good results from the remaining versions.

    For example: Let's say you have 10 squeeze page versions you are testing. They have all received 50 visitors from the same source of traffic. 7 of them have 20 or more conversions--with the highest being 32. One has 5 conversions, one has 3 and one has 1 conversion.

    While technically the lowest three could still pull it out and end up showing great improvement, they are so far below the other 7 I would probably pull them from the test if I were concerned about getting good results.

    (By the way...we just happened to do a complete 17 page study on Squeeze Page Conversion Factors that you can get at my sig below...hint...hint...)
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    Good info here. I had always wondered how people confidently measure their conversions. I would say that it does depend on the product though.
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