What is the best microphone for delivering webinars and recording presentations?

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What is the best microphone for delivering webinars and recording presentations?
I want something simple that gives the best quality.
Money is not a issue.
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    If you want to work with affordability, get yourself a Blue Yeti.

    They're cheap, and the quality is great (if you can learn how to use it).

    XLR-based microphones are too damn expensive these days, and you probably wouldn't know how to set it up.
    $2/100 words for REGULAR CONTENT
    $4/100 words for TOP NOTCH MONEY CONTENT
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  • I started with the Yeti Blue and then upgraded to the Razor Sieren Pro, and I'm very happy with the Razor Sieren Pro. It has higher quality sample rate than the Yet Blue. Yeti Blue works fine for webinars and presentations and runs around $99 and the Razor Sieren Pro is around $250
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    Blue Yeti is the default. Best bang for your buck, but you did say money wasn't an issue...

    If you're serious about your quality you can do something a bit better and get DAC microphone combo, but honestly a Blue Yeti is the simplest way to go, unless you're looking to do this on a regular basis.
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    Blue Yeti's fine - $100 or so on amazon - don't even worry about getting the pro or something more expensive - best plug-n-play mic on the market before you start paying $1,000 or more for one.

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