Dont Limit Yourself to BizOpp

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Hi Warriors,

Sometimes I feel like too many posters limit themselves to the business opportunity and online marketing niche. This is a great niche, no doubt. There are a lot of people making money in it. However it can be very competitive, and there are thousands of other niches with potentials.

Dont limit yourself to one niche. Explore everything else out there, from health, sports, supplements, language courses, e-commerce, clothing, etc. There are literally too many niches to list.

What niches have you had success with?
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    I agree with that. However some like to focus on one niche, dominate, then move on. There is a lot of possibilities! I am in the Funnel Building Niche, which is great because there is an ever growing need for good Sales funnels. There is probably too many opportunities for one single person!


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    I agree with you. A lot of successful bloggers and affiliate marketers are stuck to biz opportunities. Probably that's what they show. But they do work on other niches with a range of affiliate networks. But again looking at bizopp even if there is competition, if you have the right strategy in mind you do have buyers for your courses and products. Hence a lot of people would want to dominate as much as possible.
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    I believe you mean the "make money online" niche. Which is true, many new marketers immediately try to enter the make money online niche and fail because shocker... they don't know how to make money online.

    Online marketing is vital to any success in any market/niche that's online.

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    Hi JeffMiller2:
    I also agree with your assessment. There are lots of other niches out there that can be profitable.
    I've had good success with the Law of Attraction (LOA) niche in addition to internet marketing. It's not as large as IM, but you don't always need a massive list to do well.
    However, there are many more options to explore.


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    Theres a lot of great niches, aside from business opportunities I've had a lot of success with weight loss and muscle offers personally. I tend to especially focus on the evergreen markets.
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    I have made much of my money from MMO niche and also the weight loss niche this year. I love high ticket items so i focus mainly on those. I have been in the game too long to be earning commissions less than $100.
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    I have had success selling ebooks like "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" and "Truth About Abs." People say those niches are competitive too, and they are.

    If you are persistent enough and know your target market, you can still get a slice of the pie.

    I agree it might be a mistake for people just starting out to get into MMO. Especially network marketing. You really have to know what you're doing there and the success rate is very low.

    I see new people all the time promoting their generic, company lead capture page. Yikes!

    On the flip side, if you take your hobby and run with it, you'll have a much better chance at success.
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