Why should you make money online if..?

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This post is meant for newbies especially that haven't started to make money online yet..
Have some patience and read below, and you will start to understand why you are not making money, and where to start.

I know, i know you tried several times to make money online but except a few dollars, if any, you haven't made a dime, and you are sure that everything is a scam, and nothing works!

Right? Wrong!

Yes we all know marketing online is great , is awesome, and you can make money way faster than if you would start your own brick and mortar business, but still, don't forget it is in fact still a BUSINESS!

So, if you don't have any skills, any knowledge, if you just started.. why do you think you should make money online? Would you start a real business with no knowledge?

You can't make money if you don't know anything AND you don't want to invest in yourself.
Stories about people making tons of money online after they just started online..are just this..stories!

The first step in started to make money online is to stop believing in fairy tales.
Treat this as a serious business, and it will take care of your financial needs.

Don't expect to start a blog with 2 posts, and see your adsense earnings explode.
If you never made Cpa, don't think that with one ad, you will start making thousands.. is just not the case!

Second step, is you learn! Try to gain a skill useful for marketing world. Either is design, or copywriting, article writing, marketing, conversion..etc. Start with something!

If you don't have money to buy products, just browse through this forum, and read, read read, ask questions when you don't understand something, and then try to apply it yourself, make small tests until you succeed, until you are finally if not good, at least decent in any skill.

Also, if you have 0 money to invest.. don't fool yourself that you will start making money anytime soon.. again this is a BUSINESS, could you open a store with 0 $?

The best way and one of the most easiest ways for someone to start making money online is, build a simple landing page, buy a PLR product, customize it a bit, and offer it as a freebie.

Join a Cpa network that has make money online offers, and place some links on your thank you page, so you can already start to make some money from your traffic.

Nurture your list, take care of them, and use that list to promote affiliate offers.
there are 10 launches almost everyday, so i am sure you can find some good quality products to promote and make some decent money.

This is the easiest and fastest way to reach at least 50$ per day.

So that's it, thanks for your patience.. now go, take action and stop complaining!

IM world is great, but it will not feed you if you don't take care of it!
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    Although there is nothing new here, these are some pretty good advices and strategies for newbies.
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    Of course "nurturing" your Subscribers is a whole new Thread X 5 or more.

    Nothing we haven't heard before but some decent beginners information

    - Robert Andrew
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    As i stated.. this are for those who don't seem to understand what this IM business is all about, targeted just for newbies.
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    I thank you so much i well starting of your first step
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    There are many great points here, except that the industry has created this monster. The industry has said that you don't need any experience, no sales skills, be horrible at writing, and you too can still be an internet millionaire.

    And at one point or another we all ate it up. Then we get discouraged. Then the few of us decide to stick with it and see where it can go.
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    Good info, thanks for the share
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    Another thing to ad is this great free resource at the WF its great for newbies and you will pick so much better information

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    Thats some pretty good advice man
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    i dont think things have to be new to be worth mentioning (again...)

    nice post, as mentioned, good advice for beginners

    -Ike Paz
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    Great insight and info. Thank you for sharing.
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    William2010 that is absolutely solid advice for newbies.

    So often people think they can buy a course and immediately start making bank from day 1. Of course this can be done if you have the skills to go with the course but complete newbies are signing up to them and then labeling them as a scam when they don't make a buck.
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    Solid post with good advice.

    You could set up the whole front end of that funnel with the PLR freebie in a weekend.

    The biggest factor is the ability to stick with something. If your capture page sucks and is converting poorly just figure it out.

    Don't quit or jump to something else.

    No one is really good at something right from the start. Business is no different.
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      This is the biggest issue I think. The moment the smallest challenge arises within a method/system people jump to the next product. It also doesn't help that there seems to be a trend with IM products these days that promise results with little to no work. So people are being desensitized into believing they can generate daily income with 3-4 clicks of the mouse. And the thing about it is, most people would be willing to put the work in if they weren't bombarded with launch after launch promising $$ with almost no effort.

      There are groups of marketers that rely on this very heavily. Guys that mail every single day promoting whatever product that launched that day.

      You have to stick with something, jumping from product to product is a deadly cycle that taps your $ and warps your expectations.

      If you want to get serious, only stay subscribed to lists that don't constantly promote products on a daily basis. Stick with lists that provide a healthy balance between promotions and information.
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