How to advertise My classifieds?

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I have a classifieds website, recieving about 100 uniqure visitors/day adsense approved so I want more traffic, I am currently only advertising through adwords and a top free classifieds list blog, the main sourse of traffic is the classifieds list blog, I have tried to find more blogs like that and even tried some, but it did'nt work. Adwords only gives me a little amount of traffic, since my budget is not very high I don't think adwords can work.
For some reason even with a traffic, my website does not show up on google search, even when I type in my exact URL, my pages are indexed but not showing in search.
Please suggest me some blogs or places to get free or low cost advertising solutions for classified websites.
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    Go to where your customers are, also if your using adwords with success maybe setup a facebook page and run a few ads there. much cheaper than google and just a little targeting can go a long way. Also make sure you have all your social media buttons setup and then encourage users to share. then you have them doing the work for you. Good luck

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    I agree about social media. It's a great way to reach people and get the word out about your site. Also, look for other sites, forums, etc. that allow advertising and promotion. Find places where you can reach marketers and others who may want to advertise on your classified site.

    Good luck.
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    I have also seen a few classifieds websites having their Facebook pages and you won't even need a big budget. Classifieds have been around for a long time, maybe you can try to innovate, maybe get some developers to create mobile apps form whch users can view and post ads etc.
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    I'd sure social media is rather helpful and profitable in marketing.
    Use them for meeting your goals.
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    Thanks for advice, social media is a good source will sure try, if anyone knows a blog to advertise please share
    My site is here. I need a blog or social media that can give me traffic primarily to post ads, social media traffic has a higher bounce rate and only a few posts
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    Hi Jim,

    Please use Google Web Master Tools & Index your all website links properly in google. This is most important step to improve your website traffic organic way.

    Create Social Pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

    Freelance Bharathi
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    Use social traffic if you are looking for free one, works great.
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    I also wanted to ask the same question, as i have also my own free classifieds website named
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