Weekend Warrior Bonus: Writers! Giving up is your surest way forward to make Money Online

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I've been meaning to write this for awhile but after reading atleast three threads this week by writers I guess its about time to really say it. I'll keep it short

Your are day dreaming on this forum if you think writing BY ITSELF is ever going to make you good money. Before I ever cracked into a good income I learned two marketing truths that can never be ignored. In order of importance.

A) Never fight your market. the market will win 99 times out of 100

Every writer wants to claim that they should be paid more for their writing than what people are paying. Yes there are a few businesses that make money offering premium services but you really have to distinguish yourself and the market only supports relatively few of those in any industry.

You can fight perceptions , argue your worth as I see so many writers do but again most times you lose. If you have to fight to convince anyone of the worth of any business idea or service after it has been explained to them - warning sign for failure.

B) ANY thing that anyone can do on some level will generally NEVER pay well. Too many people can write a coherent line. You can again ARGUE that you have an extraordinary gift but lets face it - if WF is one of your markets - extraordinary is not in high demand and most times sorry what you think is extraordinary really isn't. Hundreds of thousands of writers just makes you particularly in low demand and drives down the prices in the market

So that's the bad news but how does the title come in? How is giving up a good option? Giving up on one thing leads you to think of another and here is where I and many others turned our business around.

As a writer you already posses certain skills. Good writing is used n many fields and if you can write then you generally can think above a grade school level. The problem is not writing its trying to make it on writing alone AND presenting yourself as a writer. Someone who writes but is a conversion specialists can do very well. Someone who can write and do content marketing for SEO can also kill it, copywriters who sell themselves as marketing consultants also do fantastically. All of these command HUNDREDS of dollar per client PER MONTH where being a writer if you are lucky will give you a few cents maybe here and there 10-25 cents a word

I'd say stop trying to fight the market. Approaching the market just as a writer has lead to failure after failure. Re-asses your skills and use the writing in something else. I know I will hear of exceptions but its just obvious - most writers here are starving and making very little money.
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    Too true. The sad truth is that the vast majority of those on this forum are daydreaming of the unattainable riches promised on some threads here. The push button it'll happen tomorrow money dream which will never happen.
    Use your given skills to reach your dream, or get new 'real' skills to make it happen - then you will achieve a better future for yourself.
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    The thing is people tend to struggle with what isn't working for anyone or what they don't know will work but skip over what tens of thousands of people are already making money doing

    Thousands make money off SEO and content marketing every day (being hired by all kinds of companies)

    Tens of thousands are in advertising copy where people write and get paid to write.

    and thousands more are marketing consultants with better titles better pay and PROVEN to make money for many people.

    Almost no one is just writing online and making money but still people believe they are the ones going to make it where people get paid 1-5 cents a word - close to slave labour.

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