PSA: Start deploying in-text calls to action!

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Hey guys, just wanted to offer a tidbit of advice that I came across today for anyone in the blogging space that is using their voice to promote specific products or services. I was doing some research into new trends in blogging and I discovered that more and more people are using social reading services to consume content.

I took a look at one of the services called "Feedly" and it's basically a glorified RSS feed I think that sends you articles to read based on what your interests are, so it's doing a lot of the leg work for you in terms of finding material. That being said, if you're creating the blog materials that are showing up on Feedly, the calls to action that you use to promote your product won't appear on the feed unless they're contained within the actual text of your post.

This made me think about all of the blog posts I've ever written, for clients, for my own projects and beyond - how many of those actually contained called to action within the text? How many didn't? How many weren't posted with an image that would get someone's attention if they saw it through a service like Feedly? It's important to look at services like these and figure out how they're finding content and what information they display so that we can taylor our work to better appeal to readers on those platforms while still serving our purposes, whatever they might be.

Just my two cents!
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