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I was reading a blog post by Anna Hoffman last week and a very interesting quote came in front of my eyes. It was as follow:

The best voice you can give to your blog is the one that you already have

A good blog post with a top-notch content is a must. But people sometimes prefer to form connection or engagement with you. Thats what they love. Its a fact that faking your personality in front of your audience is way harder than being honest. Therefore, its better to be yourself.

Now coming back to the main purpose of this thread. From where should we start? Thats a problem which every writer encounters and fights for to find some way out of it.In this thread, Ill list some themes that you guys should focus on to get a head start.

Go for a shocking opening:

You can do this by stating some sort of shocking statistics, a statement or an odd fact. Your initial opening should trigger a disruptive feeling that could challenge a readers definition of whats considered normal.

How to write it: First make sure that you have researched a lot about your topic. This is to make sure that you dont act like a dummy if someone questions you on a statement. Therefore, make sure that you are well prepared. Second, lets say that you have quoted a statistic in a beginning for example '50 percent of American have less than one months income saved for a rainy day'. Now a start of your blog with this shocking stat can cast a spell on your readers but the main trick here is to utilize the same statement throughout the main core of your context as well. Dont just leave it to dry out.

Ask a question:

I think its one of the best way to engage your readers at a personal level. It means you are willing to engage them with your context. It will automatically trigger them to answer the question you have proposed in the beginning.

How to write it: Whatever question you ask in the opening, make sure that it expects an answer only in yes or No. You do the thinking in designing your question in such a way that pushes the reader to answer it at every cost. You can also use a shocking fact in your question like Did you know that.? Or Have you heard...?. Find out what type of stuff your readers like or you receive the most views. Then base your next writing strategy on that.

Open with a quote:

Quotes have a power to make your readers ponder about the reality and find a common ground in their own lives. Especially, if its coming from a credible personality. Print and digital literature is flooded with tones of thought provoking quotes that could dazzle your readers.

How to write it: Well there is no such big trick behind it. Find a quote which projects the theme of your blog post and then use it. Thats it.

Open with a story:

A good story makes a person curious to find out how it will end. This will keep the readers interested throughout your whole blog post. You can write a true incident about a person whos famous or someone who achieved success in a limited amount of time etc. Just use something that you feel comfortable enough to integrate with the theme of your blog post.

How to write it: Always design your story in a way that doesnt give a clue to your readers about the ending. Keep them in a guessing mode. Always!

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