How do you plan to stay on track over the silly season?

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For those of you out there (most of us) in small businesses, how do you stay on track over Christmas and the silly season?

Do you have a formal business plan or just roll with it? Do you resign to the fact that things are going to be a bit all over the shop for the next 2 months or so as people wind down, go on Christmas holidays and take a break.

Over here in Australia it is summer and it all gets a little harder to focus and put in the usual hours as Xmas parties start, beach breaks seems a little more enticing and everyone over here takes a few weeks off.

Any tips for keeping on track over the silly season so I don't end up laying in the pool for the next month is greatly appreciated.

I have a few things set up that will tick over and bring in some business, but for the most part as business winds down so too will some of the work I am doing so I don't want to make my pipeline too lean...
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