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by ponty
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Hi warriors,

I want to put video into my site, what program do i use when doing this.

I am talking about the video backdrops /editing etc. camastasia? dont know?

I am a complete amature with video so any help would be amazing!!!!!!!

I have a video camera

also what is the fastest loading format when using video?????
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    well hi there ponty,

    I'm just working on my project (isn't even up yet) so I think I can help you out.

    First of all I think you should use flash as your format. Now if you want to convert go to it's free to use! Upload your video and select as output .flv ( the rest of the settings don't matter).

    When you have your .flv video you would need to go to there will find your free webplayer that even generates the code for you! use this code and fill in the required info like with your uploaded .flv movie (needs to be in the same map of your host as the page where the video is shown).

    And that should do it!

    I hope that helps you out and if you'd like to drop by at it's going to be ready in 2 days or something.

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    Try and get Camtasia. I heard there are some other free ones out there as well, I think the one is called Camstudio. These are screen capture video recorders, so you can record a power point presentation with your voice over it as well. You can also use your build in web cam to record your face with it.

    This works great for review, tutorial, presentation or introduction videos. THis programs lets you record the video, edit it and publish it in any format you want. So basically everything you need.

    Hope this helps.
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      Start with the programs that already come on your computer. If you're using a Mac that would be imovie.... pc, windows movie maker.

      Both of these programs are enough to get you started. As for posting it on your site get an account at one of the video hosting/sharing sites such as you tube. Upload your video and get the embed code for your video.

      Use the embed code to place that video on your site.

      This will get you started.

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