Ruined By A Dishonest Marketer

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Today I got in trouble because of a dishonest marketer! My account at was recently suspended because they claimed I was copying other people's work. When in fact one other person had taken my article and reprinted it word for word on their site, but gave themselves the credit for my work!

I am trying to let them know of the issue, but their support is down today for maintenance. I will work with them to get my account reinstated.

***UPDATE 09/21/09: has reinstated my account.****
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    Is the copied work published on a later date than your submission to EzineArticles?

    If it is, you may want to point this out to EA support.

    Stay calm, and talk things out nicely with the support. You
    just need to show them proof that it's your original work.

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    Do explain please...

    You've left us holding our breath while waiting for the bomb to drop!

    Rog (the ro half of diro)

    **apparently my browser is not showing the whole of your post, I see
    nothing at all after your initial statement...will check it out and figure
    out what's going on!**

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      Thank you all for the feedback! Yeah, I am sure will come around. They have an awesome service and should understand when I can show them everything.
      Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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    I'm sure you will get it resolved. I always managed to get things done in the proper way whenever I had any problems with them.
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    This is a big nuisance. I got my account suspended twice before. Usually I write my article on EZA, and submits it. I then copy it and submit it to other directories and some other blogs. Then a week later when they are approving my article, they find it on other blogs and say that my article is not original. Then my account gets suspended, it takes another week to reinstate it and at least one more week before the article in question gets accepted if at all.

    Next time I will just wait until my article gets accepted at EZA and then submit it to my blogs and other directories. yes?
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        I guess it is just one other reason why you can't depend on one source for all of your traffic. It is the same reason I recommend my students all have their own domain, their own blog, etc. so they can be more in control. If you put all of your content up on Blogger,,, etc. then it is out of your control. At any point they can change their rules and remove your content and not feel one bit sorry about it.

        My future content will go on my domain, then go on other article directories. It looks like for now after my site gets the content,,, and a few others will be getting my content until EZA decides to reinstate me.

        It is getting harder and harder to wait 10 days for content to be approved after you spend all of that time creating the content.

        I appreciate all of the support on here.
        Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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      Originally Posted by Gitonga View Post

      Thank you for sharing your experience.The best thing is actually to rewrite the original article you submit to EZA before submitting to other directories.
      That's what I do but it doesn't stop someone stealing your EZA article.

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        This topic is brought up almost every other day. James has pointed out a simple solution as Kay King earlier in this thread, by simply posting it on your on site or blog first will solve this problem. -Matt Disario
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    This apparently new trend from EZA is very worrying to me. I had a similar experience recently and ended up losing a few articles to get my account back. I was required to resubmit some articles that had been published by EZA in 2006 because of some broken links. When I did they found that some of them had been pirated and suspended my account even though the publish dates on the pirate site were 2009 and my articles were first published in 2006. There is more in this thread

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      Originally Posted by ccmusicman View Post

      Guys, a simple, all be it, annoying, solution is to submit to eza FIRST, and wait for it to be approved first!

      Then submit it to your blog/elsewhere.

      I always have done this and it's never been a problem.

      Rob you are right that is a simple solution. It is just hard to justify because we all want is to get traffic flowing right away from our content and lately it is a 14 day review process which is why I will just start with other places that will take my content faster and will just rewrite articles for separately.
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    This is all unfortunate, and eza could easily take a few minutes on
    the front end to verify publishing dates. Or, rather than pulling the
    hair trigger, send their customer an email as an alert and give 24 hrs
    to respond.

    Their current policy causes more problems and wasted time for someone
    in your situation. I realize some people with eza accounts are copying
    other people's work. I also realize eza seems to be understaffed given
    their long article review periods.

    But I honestly don't see the rationale behind shooting first and asking
    questions later.

    I'm sure you'll get this straightened out and be up and running, again.

    Good luck.
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    The problem is that they don't research the issue. They shoot first and ask questions later.

    I had a website over a month ago with some articles (which I had written) about electric cars. But the website was going nowhere (due to bad keyword research) so I disabled it (i.e. removed its hosting and set its DNS to a parked page)

    A few weeks later I signed up at EZA and collected these articles together and submitted them to EZA.

    A couple of weeks later (since EZA are taking 2+ weeks to get to my articles) I had my account suspended, and they sent me a relatively accusatory e-mail saying "We've found your article published at [old site's address]... can you justify this" etc.

    The annoying thing was, the link to the address was inactive! Since as above I removed the website and put it to a parked page. So they didn't actually bother to research, they just suspended my account then sent me an accusatory e-mail.

    They could even have done WHOIS on the website's domain name and found out that I owned the domain/website.

    But they did neither - so instead of simply clicking the link to the website in question (and seeing that the website was inactive, and had been for 1+ months) or seeing who owned the domain name, they simply suspended me.

    So it's an annoying system.

    But I e-mailed them back (with a firm but fair e-mail), and within 4-5 days they un-suspended my account.

    It's a real pain, but all you can do is wait it out and e-mail them back with the facts.
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    I hate when horrible things happen to good people. Though it hasn't happened to me directly, I have seen this sort of situation occur before. (Usually) the right win, and the wrong get caught.

    Fingers Crossed for you.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    This happened to me last month, but I showed them evidence that the article was solely copyrighted to me and published initially on my own EZA account. They re-instated my account within 24 hours of providing the evidence
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    In the mean time why not just create another account with them so you can start writing articles now?
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      I place my articles on my site FIRST - then submit to EZA.

      The first date published is on a site I own - and have never had a problem with EZA about it.
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        Excellent idea! That is the strategy I will do. Thank you!

        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        I place my articles on my site FIRST - then submit to EZA.

        The first date published is on a site I own - and have never had a problem with EZA about it.
        Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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    This doesn't make sense to me, I have resubmitted dozens of articles for various reasons, and I have never had such a problem.

    This is even though I have found my articles appearing around the internet without proper credit.

    I'm not disputing anything that has been said so far, maybe I've just been lucky.

    See What I'm up to Now The New Blog

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    Made me laugh this one.
    I'm puzzled how someone copied you and submitted theirs first. I remember someone claiming the same thing when I was at school a long time ago. When they got caught with the same answers someone else had handed in a year before they said the other person had copied

    I'm guessing there is more to it?

    I've had problems with them before they usually fix them EVENTUALLY!

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    Had the same experience where an article of mine on my blog but not with the copyright label under it was taken word for word by someone else
    and published on ezine when i got around to opublishing it I was suspended for copying.

    i tried to trace the person who did this but to no avail

    I explained all this to Ezine and they soon opened my account again - so just tell them the situation and I am sure they will lift th suspension


    Leonard Greenhall

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    Since EZA is the powerhouse for rankings at the moment I simply write a unique article for them and only them. The original is posted on there first and then can be published by other webmasters as they choose.

    You also have the ability to have two unique EZA articles at position 1 and 2 if the niche is quite small.

    Article On Your Blog

    If you can build backlinks to the unique article you published on your blog and publish the same article on prweb you can get the first few positions on Google depending on the niche.
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    Yes, you should wait EZA to approve your articles first before you go and blast out your article to article directory. EZA has the strictest guideline in all directory and they take to make people wait.

    Ezinearticles disapproved - You have to contact them manually to ask why, and then it take a few business day to get a replied. After that, you have to wait a few more days to get your articles approve.

    The waiting is a pain in the xxx

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