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What is everyone's opinion on good conversion ratio? What would you consider a good / realistic conversion ratio?
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    It depends on whether baptism is involved.
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      Originally Posted by CDarklock View Post

      It depends on whether baptism is involved.

      It is difficult to say if a conversion ratio is good or bad. For some keywords in some niches and marketing methods 1% conversion might be really good and for some keywords you would be sad if you see less than 20% conversion. It is all about what you are marketing and how you are doing it.

      However I would definitely say that a 0% conversion is actually a bad conversion.
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      If that's the case I wonder what it is going the other way?


      Originally Posted by CDarklock View Post

      It depends on whether baptism is involved.
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    hehe very funny CDarklok :p
    But I consider a good conversion for articles about 20% although it could usually get way higher if you know how to write good articles pointing to your audience.
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    This is what I hear to be the average conversion ratios to shoot for:

    1) 15%-20% minimum conversion ratio for those signing up for free stuff.

    2) For sales they say 1-2% is the average for most and that 5% or higher is
    often considered awesome.

    3) For many ad campaigns in many industries I hear it's less than 1%?!!
    (Which of course is considered VERY poor results in direct response.)

    Bottom line: The strength of your conversion ratio all depends on the strength of your marketing campaign and how targeted it is; how targeted your traffic is; the type of resource you promoted with and how targeted it was; the strength of your ad; the strength of your sales letter; and what kind of relationship you have with your prospect or customer. The better all this is, the higher your response should be.

    Hope this helps...

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    It all depends on what type of conversion you are talking about..

    An article should have a 30% CTR as a low ball point.
    A free offer should have 20% opt in (if you are getting people on a list)
    A sales offer should have 2% conversion etc etc..
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