Can you make a money (even a living) from writing short stories online?

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I know there are MILLIONS of short stories that anyone can read FOR free online, but can as the person who writes them, can you monetize them?
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    Kay king can vouch for this guy.

    And I'm sure you have $9. Kindle can be pretty good - and you don't seem to mind putting 18 hours writing lol.

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    You can go the kindle route if you don't mind the uncertainty of it all.

    Or you can turn your story writing ability into content that sells products through affiliate marketing.

    Option 2 would give you results faster, but both have their merits.
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    First, I tried my luck with the short SF stories. But, to tell you the truth, I wasn't successful. Then, I turned to freelancing Upwork and Freelancer. You have two choices. You can either promote your short story writing services OR you can offer your finished short stories to the clients. I mean it. Every now and then, some clients come asking for short unpublished stories. Now, I have to be honest and say that the price may not be what you expected in the first place. But, that's the thing. You can either write them for yourself or try to monetize them, even for a small amoung to begin with. Good luck!
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    Garry vaynerchuk is a good example of someone who has made an impact writing on a micro level. Check out his book jabjab right hook.
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    If the stories are good and people want to read them, that is what is all about when it comes to publishing books, does not matter if they are fiction or not fiction


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    It seems like almost anything can make money... if it's marketed properly.
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    sure you can,,

    find your audience and treat them great..

    provide what they want...

    -Ike Paz
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    I know there are authors making a few hundred dollar bills a month selling Erotica short stories on Amazon Kindle.

    Gorgeous Lucky Bitch,
    Shana Jahsinta Walters.
    Write until my fingers fall off. LOL!!!
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    Tough to write and make money off *long stories* in the current marketplace, let alone short. Writing has always been a tough road for most taking it. Odds are it won't make a lot. But you could try. If you concept is good and your book cover is professional/sexy throw it up on kindle. Worst case scenario you'll make a little beer money from it.
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    Kindle has kinda exploded and given so many writers a platform to monetize what they write, when they previously wouldn't have been able to.
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