150 clicks from affiliate - 550 unsubscribers

by BobanV
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hey guys

we are running life insurance offer with email only and we have exclusive page for our top affiliate, including unique unsubscribe link and suppression list.

In last two days I am seeing 150 clicks (about 10 leads) to offer but more than 500 unsubscribers.

I believe many subscribers unsubscribe at the bottom of email without clicking to offer link but looks like that's not good sign - list not up to date probably.

Thoughts needed and appreciated.

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    I am not at all surprised by those numbers. Life insurance was one of the most difficult things I have ever sold. I can't see why I would want to stay subscribed. Its the kind of purchase you make if you are responsible and move on. The mortality reminder isn't something we like to keep in mind.

    Sothat kind of list is subject to GREAT churn. The only list I would see this doing well is a list of parents for the first time and I would NEVER do just email. Maybe do a facebook page for young families not just about insurance and also SEO or PPC (although any term with insurance tends to be expensive with PPC). You always try to be there and seen when the prospective customer is most open to thinking about life insurance. I used to like to get lists of families that just had new additions.

    You have to be creative as the annualized commision is pretty good for an agent and the competition is stiff as you know.

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    I would look at, group called Click Drop. They have sellers, who have lists in the insureance nitch. Also, if they don't deliver on the clicks. You paid for. Click Drop, will get you a refund. On your order, if their was a broken agreement.
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    I would also check the funnel, that's a low optin rate, and way too many unsubscribers, for something that people need.
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    Review again your email content, that may cause your subscribers unwilling and unsubscribe immidiately
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