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Hello Warriors,

A friend of mine introduced me to a fairly new website. This site has gone from 0 to generating a million in sales since January. The niche is the wedding space. The idea behind the site is brides come and place in their zip code, wedding date and their budget.

Vendors like photograpers, venues etc, register and based off the budget and dates compete for the lead. The website attracts vendors by telling them they can get free leads if they have the best price and meet the needs of the client.

The site gives the client the ability to pay all the vendors from one place saving the client a lot of time. The site is free only generating income from the transactions which gives it mass appeal to customers and vendors alike.

So the question is how can you duplicate this in another niche? It must have mass appeal to a big group of people, a big budget to spend, the site must be free to all participants and it has to have a way generate income on transactions.
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    I did something like this for the metal fabrication industry, for outsourcing jobs. The problem is (like you said) it takes a huge advertising budget. Either that or I would have to cold call all day, everyday for a year--not going to do that lol.
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    I don't understand the question. This is a basic business concept.

    This site brings together brides with vendors. That's the same concept as dating sites bringing together people looking for dates. Or car sites bringing together people buying and selling cars. Or people looking on fiverr for cheap graphic design and people offering that graphic design.

    You can duplicate this in any niche that has someone looking for something and someone else that is offering it.
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    All this site in fact monetize LEADS.

    It's all about Lead Generation and List Building.

    Once you have a list you can set up a website like that one, which gain money with something like CPA.

    So pick up a broad niche and narrow it, check if there are competitors (if not, skip it), and then build a list around it and contact vendors sayin you have some leads for them

    You can do it by yourself OR you can rely on portal like maxbounty or peerfly, a third party solution which can save u time and money
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    If you did this in a small micro niche it wouldn't take so much effort to get it off the ground.

    Actually it does sound a good idea - who's up for giving it a shot?
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    It's simple!

    You analyse this site and model a site on that! DONT COPY BUT MODEL!

    Don't re invent the wheel, adapt the wheel
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    In theory it might be quite easy but where you have non specific prices it would be much harder to programme the money transactions. You see if you have specific price buttons 10 20 30 you can use paypal split transactions, to gain your (the website fee) on auto. Other than that you might think in terms of charging a set advertiser fee and leaving the bartering of price between the jobber and the client - so free to jobbers to join etc - set fee for an advert - then between client and jobber to work out. In this case a simple blog base would be more than sufficient with a membership plug in. Easy actually thinking about it.

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