What is the easiest way to make a few dollars with my IM skills, without a huge time commitment?

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Work from my usual clients has dried up a small bit and I have about one day a week free now. I was thinking of starting my own little side project whereby I could create my own content to sell myself, or do some affiliate marketing etc. What would you guys recommend?
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    If I were you, I would use my free time to hire and train someone to do the time-consuming stuffs that I usually do for the usual clients. Once he or she is ready, I would outsource the clients' jobs to him or her and make myself more free time so that I can find more clients and grow my business.
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    Hi The WriteStuff:

    You could do both. Given your time constraint you might want to focus on the fastest way to generate a few bucks. Affiliate marketing would be your best bet. Clickbank.com or JVZoo.com would be a good starting point.

    If you are a writer and looking to make some side money then Iwriter.com or upwork.com are two other options.

    Good luck,

    Exactly What I am Doing to Easily Build Consistent Recurring Income.
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    If you can write -- and write well -- then you are already ahead of the curve. I would absolutely dive in and create your own products based on specific niches that you know that you can write --and write A LOT -- about.

    However, making money online is a bit of a commitment and it does take time, effort, and energy to get started.
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    I think the easiest way of selling your product is using social media. Facebook could be the best option for you. But you have to invest few dollars to get started. Facebook paid ads can help you to reach targeted traffic. Now you can customize your Ads based on Age, Sex, Geological location. I think it will be the best option for you to make money in a quick time.
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    I would go with affiliate marketing.

    Find someone who is doing really well and learn from them.

    And also know this (and remember these words) when it comes to affiliate marketing:

    It takes money to make money with affiliate marketing.
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