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by Tim Whiston 2 replies
It's odd... I've worked online for a long while but never really delved into PPC. Sure I've run a few ads here and there but until now never really been resolved to dig in and look long-term.

Anyway I've had two very bizarre experiences with Yahoo and Google. Yahoo won't accept any money from me because I can't remember the full credit card number of a method I entered two years ago. And Google recently suspended my account, refusing to even tell me what the problem was.

Google really seems to have a serious god complex on their hands. I was treated like a complete ass and again they wouldn't even tell me why my account was whacked - just kept going on and on about "Google reserves the right to..."

Anyway back on track here:

Can Anyone Give Me Some Solid Recommendations For PPC Options Aside From Yahoo And Google?

I'd prefer recommendations from marketers who have tested a service and been pleased with the overall experience. Thanks for any help.
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    To get kicked out of Adwords, you really have to break their TOS badly. Were you double serving, perhaps? Or maybe did you forget to pay an overdue bill?

    Did you try calling Yahoo about your problem?

    Outside of Yahoo and Google, the next bet is MSN, but they'll only deliver about 10% of the traffic that Google would.
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      I was shocked to get the boot. I have no idea what the issue was.

      All my products are very much above the radar, simple info packages. I've never had a problem of this nature and what really ticked me off was the fact they flat out refused to tell me what I did to offend.

      Anyway at this time I'm testing SearchFeed. So far so good.

      Modest traffic flow makes it easy to test. I can see myself getting to like this program if things keep going like this.
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