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I'm looking for a reputable domain registrar...

A lot of warriors have suggested Namecheap and GoDaddy.

Since I can't quite decide between the two -- I've opened up the polls for discussion.

Let's see what the consensus here on WarriorForum settles on.


Namecheap - 3

GoDaddy - 2

Polls are now closed. I'm going with Namecheap. Thanks guys.
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    Personally, I think that GoDaddy are pure cr@p.
    They always try to get more money out of their customers, and they take advantage of newbies and naive people all the time.
    The only reason everybody uses them is because their marketing is very good.

    If I have to chose between the two, I'd definitely go with NameCheap.

    I would also suggest you check out Dynadot - they are my favorite in terms of loyalty to their customers and straight forward approach.
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    I use the two registrars, but I like Namecheap.
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    It is just a registrar. Take the one you like.


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    I had a similar dilemma as well and I ended up using Godaddy. I just bought the domain name from them, nothing else. and then I chose Siteground for hosting.
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    I have been using Godaddy for years now so I am going to stick with them.

    They are very reliable.
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    Originally Posted by fastlanesamurai View Post

    Since I can't quite decide between the two -- I've opened up the polls for discussion.
    You don't need a poll. And spending so much time on this doesn't bode well for the more important decisions you'll have to make down the line. Just pick one and get going.

    Oh, and choose Namecheap.

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    I would prefer Namecheap. But GoDaddy is also fine.
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    Moniker and cosmotown get my vote!
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    GoDaddy, NameCheap, and NameSilo are ones I use.

    Dynadot is good from what I hear as well.
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    Obviously the only way to know for sure which is right for you is to do some A/B testing. Of course for your experiment to be statistically valid you'll have to buy a lot of domains. Thus, here is what I recommend:
    1. Randomly generate 100,000 domain names to purchase.
    2. Randomly assign 1/2 of them to be purchased at GoDaddy and the other 1/2 to be purchased at Namecheap.
    3. Buy them at their randomly assigned registrar.
    4. Put up the exact same content on each of the 100,000 domains. (Obviously you'll want to make sure that each of these domains has the same host, design, etc.)
    5. After observing your results for at least 10 years (we want to ensure that the experiment results aren't some sort of fluke after all!) look to see with which registrar you earn the most.
    Of course, since you're likely to earn absolutely nothing while you fret over which registrar to use, it might be hard to interpret the results of your experiment, but maybe you can post about that too after your experiment has concluded. I'm sure there will be plenty of sig spammers that will be glad to answer that question too when the time comes.
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    Best Domain Registrars in 2016-2017 for Buying Domains are here.
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    I use 3 registrar Godaddy, Uniregistry, and
    Signature Marketplace!
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      I would prefer iPage is one of the best for Domain Registration .
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    As a developer I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt Go Daddy takes advantage of newbies with all their extras. I have found that by far 1&1 is the best domain registrar - usually about 30% less than Go Daddy on most domains - as well as they don't charge for things like Domain Lock and Private Registration which Go Daddy does. Go Daddy is also bad for things like trying to get you to pay for email on your domain hosting package - when Email service is already built into your Cpanel.

    The only drawback with 1&1 is the way they handle the DNS settings which makes them troublesome if you are using services such as Cloud Flare for SEO speed and security.
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    There're many big guys in domain industry that you can rely on, however according to me, there're 3 big guys that I usually use to invest a large number of domain on them. 3 of them are Godaddy and Namecheap and Domain dot com

    With Godaddy, I usually get big discounts via email, the most percent discount I've got are 40% off, 30% off and 25% off on new orders. More, they have a very professional and comfortable control panel that can help me much in domain management. Very easy to transfer or renew when I need to do. When my domains get expiring, I've always get notification by them, that's very good.

    With Namecheap, they have a very good and friendly support team that can help you almost instantly, I've contact them many times and each time was let me very happy and rate them 5 stars in supporting. Namecheap also give monthly coupons that can help you save 25% off on your hosting, VPS purchasing and 10% off on domain transfer/purchase.

    With Domain .com, they also usually offer many good discounts for domain .com, .net, .org...they're commonly flash sales that take place in a short time. Their services are also good with fast and friendly support. If you want to buy, you need hurry to catch their flash sale that end up very fast.

    So I would like to recommend 3 domain registrars to you. I hope this helps.

    Good luck to you!
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    I use Godaddy for my domains. They have worked great for me for several years. But for the hosting I have switched to Hostgator. I find that my sites on Godaddy some times are very slow. At least when accessed from Europe.
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    I use GoDaddy and Namecheap for registration. Since this is not hosting it's not as big of a deal.
    Good luck.

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    I always use Namecheap (used to use GoDaddy). I love their interface and ability to suggest domains quickly and re-search for domains when your first option is taken.
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    From Namecheap & GoDaddy. I prefer GoDaddy.
    outside the lists: I prefer Hover & Google Domains
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    "Back in the day" when we made Adsense scraper sites, did black hat SEO, and used forum names like "Halifax" to keep a little anonymity, there was a particularly dirty trick that a few people did to move up in the Google rankings: They got the pages above them in Google registrar-locked so Google would drop them.

    GoDaddy was the easiest registrar for this dirty trick. All you had to do was send them a message saying that you were getting spam emails from and they would instantly put it on registrar lock. It was a royal pain in the neck to get them to unlock it, too, usually requiring months of begging and a fair chunk of cash. One day you could be #1 or #2 on Google for a keyword and the next day your domain was locked, along with several other high-ranking domains and suddenly the site that had been #14 was the #1 result.

    It was a very nasty trick. Fortunately Google has changed things dramatically since then and shenanigans like that don't work any more.

    But GoDaddy's "shoot first, hold domain hostage later" attitude back then soured me on them. I don't know if they've changed their policies in the past decade or so, but I've avoided them for many years.

    I use Namecheap.

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    Godaddy is the walmart of the domain industry.
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