Is 1,000 per month profit feasible after one year?

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Hey guys, I'm very new to this game but wanted to set a goal for myself. I'm currently at university studying Biology and have almost finished my first semester. However, when I finish in 2 and a half years, I'd love to have some sort of passive income to help support myself, maybe even enough to pursue this full-time, who knows.

Anyways, I understand there is a lot of variation between niches and many other things I'm sure I haven't even heard of before. I'm just wondering if 1,000 a month is a realistic target for someone who runs a website dedicated to testing and reviewing methods of making money from home.

One of the affiliate programs I'm currently a part of gets me almost 10 per month per person signed up which is giving me hope that it's possible to hit my goal.

I understand it's really difficult to give someone an answer to a broad question like this but is it unheard of to make 1,000 a month after 1 year or 3,000 a month after 3 years?

Thanks guys!
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    I don't know about reviewing how to make money techniques,

    But I was making a few grand per month after 3-4 months...I quit my job and started to do this full time.

    If I did it, you can do it.
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    someone who runs a website dedicated to testing and reviewing methods of making money from home.

    One of the affiliate programs I'm currently a part of gets me almost 10 per month per person signed up which is giving me hope that it's possible to hit my goal.
    Is that "affiliate program" or "mlm"?

    The answer to your question is a resounding "yes" - you can make $1k after a year...BUT it's not automatic and you must be pursuing a logical business plan online.

    The most common mistake new marketers make (and it's VERY common) is to assume the only way to make money is to tell people how to make money. The internet is full of "watch me as I try to make money" blogs - one as boring as the next. The next question they ask is "why can't I make money?"

    Step away from MMO and choose a niche you have an interest in . Identify what your personal interests are and then look into those niches to find interests that are capable of generating income.
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    It is feasible, but it depends on how much time, effort, money, etc you put into it.
    It's do-able if you put in the work.
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    Definitely possible. A lot of it depends on you.

    In the beginning it's more about mindset than anything else. If you can make $100 per month, then you can eventually make $1000.

    The best way to learn is by doing.

    If you can do that, and share positive results on your blog you will make sales.

    For example, "my squeeze page converts at 56.8%. For this I used Leadpages..."

    Show your audience how they will save time and can make more money. The key is to make genuine product recommendations that help people.

    The more you help people, the more money you will make.

    The money is just a byproduct.
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    I would say that, yes, this is certainly feasible, particularly in the niche that you mention. It's going to take a lot of work, no doubt, and it will be constant work as well. It's not something you "set and forget". Early on, for as much as 6-12 months, you'll likely be putting in more time than is worth the money that you're getting in return, but eventually, yes after 1 year, you can get to the point where the time you're putting into it is justified by the money you're making.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys, hopefully I'll be able to check in a few months down the line saying that my site is growing.

    Best of luck to you all!
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    $1,000 per month is possible. It takes time and effort though. Keep working at it and don't give up.
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    It is feasible and depend on demand for products you are promoting/selling.
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    It's very possible and achievable even in a shorter period of time if you have a clear goal, know what you are doing and work at it every day.

    I have come across lots of newbies and try to help them in my own little way and I find they all have same shortcomings to making money which is: inexperience.

    And try to save yourself that crap of doing a business model you love because what you love may not be profitable or work for you.

    First, you should analyse your strength and your weakness and then bridge the gap.

    Secondly, get a mentor or research the business model that works in today's world and key into it.
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    It is more than real.

    If your passion for making 1k is high enough, if you ready to work hard, you ready to spent some time on this stuff, you can earn even 2 or 3 thousand.

    it's all relative
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    Success with this method will depend a lot upon you and how the reviews are executed.

    There are literally thousands of reviewers posting review videos on the tubes and generating little to no interest whatsoever, simple because their reviews are some generic screen capture videos with zero engagement.

    If you're informative, entertaining and people enjoy watching you; then I think there's scope to earn much more than $1000. The key is to engage the visitor; you want people who keep coming back to your videos because they enjoy them and enjoy you as a host.

    Focus on putting something out there that is quality, not just another 'generic' review. And also, be ready to persist with the idea through the first few months where you're not making so much money. With this type of business, you will need to go through the tough start to reap the rewards long term.
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    If (some) warriors make $1,000+ a month, then of course you can do it to....providing also that you do the work that people do to make $1k/m.
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