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so i've been having alot of success lately and i like to give back and help others. This is mainly for people new to IM or others who just want another revenue stream, but i've been in those shoes of being completely lost and confused not knowing how this whole marketing thing worked. But now i figured it out and i'd like to just share what i've learned.

So for this post i am focusing on internet marketing.

Internet marketing is this:
Traffic -> Conversion

that's it, it's really that simple.

So traffic, how do you get traffic? Well there are alot of ways, free and paid, you don't need to pay for traffic, you can use free methods, i will list what i use below:

Free traffic methods: (i use these)
- facebook groups - This is my favorite, read below for easy posting
- Instagram
- Forum marketing

Paid traffic methods: (havent used these)
- Facebook ads
- Google ads
- Bing ads

The way i see it is this, you have this online store, (your website) and your store needs customers, or traffic for you to make money, so everyday you have to drive traffic to your store and hope that people buy.

But i dont like the word hope, so how do you take this traffic and convert it into paying customers or leads?

Well it starts with the headline, there are so many ads fighting for peoples attention that if you don't do something with the words that you write in your headline people are going to go right over it. so make a headline that catches attention and creates interest. the headline's only job is to get the customer to click to your page. thats it.

Next once they are on your website you have to do a few things:
- make it look trustworthy
- write strong copy
- give a reason to act right now
- make them an offer they can't refuse

this will create leads and sales.

Now there is an art and a science to this, i just gave you the gist of it, but if you want to get deeper into it, which i suggest you do. Pick up these 3 books:

- The copywriters handbook - Robert W. Bly
- Dotcom Secrets - Russel Brunson
- No B.S. Direct Marketing - Dan S. Kennedy

So get the traffic to your online store, keep experimenting, use google analytics to see what people are doing on your site, and just keep experimenting, eventually you will make some leads and sales, then you just keep practicing.

Also grab the tool ninjablaster it is a facebook group auto poster, you can post to 1000's of groups with the click of a button.

and the last tool i would suggest is to manifest leads and customers, it really works, if you want the best manifesting information, go look up higher balance and get their direct manifestation course or get it in the book Prescient Visions by higher balance (eric pepin)
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    Posting in FB groups is very tough now, you get banned very easily. Also posting in the groups never seemed to work much for me, just a lot of spam and people posting over each other from my experience
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      Originally Posted by HCLinere View Post

      Posting in FB groups is very tough now, you get banned very easily. Also posting in the groups never seemed to work much for me, just a lot of spam and people posting over each other from my experience
      Yeah I've noticed this myself. They've also fixed a few bugs people were using to drive up clicks.
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    Hey CJ, Great post. Question: When using the ninja blaster on FB, Do I need to have a business account with FB? They deactivated my account and I'm working to get that straightened out.
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    nope, i just used my normal facebook account and it worked fine

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    Hey there

    Good thread, but I must say it definitely not easy

    Yes you can make it simple when you learn enough

    But newbies get fed this lie that's it easy, it's not!

    Good post though
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    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    Thank you for sharing this! I have to say, I have not had much experience with Instagram so I might look into it. Although, I have have experience with posting in FB groups but didn't seems to have as much luck as you. I think facebook paid advertising is really helpful in improving traffic and generating leads.
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    listening to your guys feedback, i worked for a month with no results, then this past week after reading talking to IMers and experimenting i got 6 leads, so its possible, just read, build, experiment, take action, get some pointers from experienced marketers

    but i guess ill also add i simplified this, which is a problem. You need to know the nuts and bolts, and know how and why what your doing is working or not working. that comes from reading those books i mentioned. so do that.

    this whole thing came about from having a deep and complex understanding of why ads fail and understanding thoroughly direct marketing.

    Basically (basic is a problem for you) but basically people are bombarded with ads 24/7 and don't have enough time to read every ad. they skim, even if the product or service is something they could use theyll skip it if the headline/ad doesn't catch their attention. so the only job of the headline is to drag them into your website/sales letter.

    in your sales letter, you want to make them an offer they can't refuse, this comes from the No BS direct marketing guide, and also you want to understand the value ladder from Dotcom Secrets.

    Value ladder
    Traffic -> bait -> front end -> middle -> back end

    also you want to make sure there is a reason to act right now, i think that's why its been so successful, i would write in the headline "3 left" and in the body copy i wrote "i am only doing this for 5 people, if you need time to think about it, it will be gone before you make your decision"

    and truth be told after the first 2 leads i manifested for more, and it worked, so go check out higher balance.

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    nope, i just used my normal facebook account and it worked fine
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    You can try E-mail marketing . Run a campaign to generate leads.
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    Originally Posted by cjsparacino123 View Post

    - facebook groups - This is my favorite, read below for easy posting
    I recently tried posting in some FB groups, this got 20 customers in 3 days.
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  • Strong "Act Now" is good. But before that you need to know what your prospects are looking for and what & how your competitors are doing now! Yes. NOW. You need to update your site as soon as the trends and needs are changed.

    As Email marketing will cost you some bucks. Build a strong professional profile in Linkedin. Word of mouth promotion is the best to attract new business.
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    FB ads have worked for me but I'm going to try some of the free options and check out the books. Thanks!
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    Obviously on Facebook, posting spammy links in large groups will get you banned from them, unless that's what they're put there for. However, many groups have a daily or weekly thread where they do allow links.

    Another idea is to set up your own group or specific idea / product pages and use the pinned post to hold an affiliate or squeeze link. Your pages, your links. The downside may be having to clear off other people's links and other administrative tasks.

    Slightly more discreet would be to use a link button at the top.

    FB isn't dead as a free leads source, but you do have to work hard to prove your worth - but isn't that the same in all social groups?
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    yeah it can be overwhelming, even with the steps in place its still difficult to figure out and have that mental edge then go an execute. I would suggest going to bed a little wiser each night. grab an internet marketing book, a copywriting book, get the physical copies and just read 1 or 2 pages a day and take notes. it should click in a day or two. if you need any more help message me, id love to work on your pages

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    If you are SERIOUS, your results have to be PREDICTABLE.

    I mean, with paying ads, fb ads, solo ads, etc, your ROI in terms of lead generation is predictable.

    With fb ads you can pay for leads, not for traffic itself. With Solo Ads, you have 50% of opt ins most of the times, so it's predictable.

    You spend X and you gain Y. And of course Y has to be > X.

    So you can do the math. You can rinse and repeat.
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    Here are some web based lead services that offer free trials => Claims 20 million business email addresses. $49.95 to $149.95 per month after trial.
    ReadyContacts => In free trial Re-targeting services available.
    Hoovers => Offers insight into target industries and companies.
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    Paid traffic is always best to generate leads. But, you must have the perfect targeting, lander, keyword analysis & tracking knowledge. Otherwise, it wont work for you.

    Alternatively, you have to do the Youtube Marketing where you can also get your targeted audience for free. Even people work for Youtube Marketing for CPA. Also forum, FB groups & Skype group marketing is really awesome to generate high targeted leads.

    (For US/ UK/ DE/ FR - Very Affordable Price)
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