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by T.J.
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Ok so I'm finally getting the hang of this Clickbank thing here and in the last few weeks I've made more sales then I've made in the last year year (just started Internet marketing about 12 months ago).

Anyway I had a question hopefully someone can help me out with. I'm promoting several different products and I've got multiple "order form impressions" but not as many "order form submits."

Can someone help me out here? I mean is this normal? I mean I would think that if a person see's your product, reads the landing page (so he or she already knows what the price is) and then proceeds to go to the order form page that you would think that they're ready to order.

Is this just me? Or is this normal? I mean is this happening for any one else?

Thanks in Advance.
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    I'm assuming its normal, but it is a real puzzler. One would think you're only going to click the "Order Now" button if you actually intend to order.

    The times I visit an order form without ordering are generally because (a) it was the only way of finding out the price or (b) it was the only way of finding out the payment methods accepted.

    If both those details are provided on the sales page, I don't know what other reason you'd have to visit the order form and not order?

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    They could be clicking your link to find out if it is a clickbank product and then actually purchasing it thru their own id to save the money from your commision.

    I am not trying to infer that this is actually the case as we all know that everyone is honest and trustworthy.


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    Purchasing through your own CB account could be one, but that would mean a lot of people would do this and I don't think that's the case. The testing mode is one way too I guess, I did it sometimes too, but again how many people would do this? Only a few.

    I think there are just peopl who back out the last minute, that's why having a list is so great. You could send them personal stuff talk them into buying, even with vid's or audio!
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    I think the only reason for this is that people want to buy, but think twize about pulling up their card.

    Or maybe the card is in their car, in the livingroom, in the purse they forgot at work...

    Sometimes when I see the PayPal form I get flashbacks from all the time I have fallen into buying things I did not use, or products that was not as good as promissed. Hence I think twice about buying.

    Even though a lot of Internet Marketers know about buying clickbank products through their own link, most people have no clue what clickbank is.
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    Any E-biz you can expect to get at 90-95% cart abandonment rate? IM is not different. I have been using 1SC for a long time and in over 300 websites that is just the average number.

    But be smart here.

    Add a awber optin after the add to cart button then the use the clickbank link in the redirect. The cookie has already been set.

    That way you can market to the non buyers and then move the buyers to a different list.

    Plus you will get a lot of optin that you would have not already had.

    Kenny Kencaid
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        This will vary enormously from niche to niche. In the "make money online" niche or anything itself to do with affiliate marketing (i.e. if people have their own Clickbank affiliate links) this is much more common. (And so are refunds).
        The refunds used to be very prevelant. The usual trick was buy someone's product, get refund, rewrite product, sell to others (on CB of course).

        That's why I stopped promoting IM products back in `04. Not sure if it still happens, don't care.

        A lot of the time I load the order form, then see how much the product is when translated into $AU, which causes me to promptly change my mind.
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          Originally Posted by whateverpedia View Post

          The refunds used to be very prevelant. The usual trick was buy someone's product, get refund, rewrite product, sell to others (on CB of course).

          This is exactly what I was thinking about doing (for the products that I have the ability to). Not because I want to be a jerk or anything like that, but because I feel that having your OWN poduct on CB is the ONLY way to ensure that Your sales are Your Sales.

          Either that or create your own Product or service with out clickbank. Maybe with a WSO, Master Resale Rights, or just sell my own ebook though paypal or something.
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    Thanks for all of the replies. Well just to give you a bit more insight to my situation. I am promoting several different products in differrent niches. Only a few of them are IM related products (but there no really the ones that I'm concerned with). The others have nothing to do with IM at all.

    I was promoting Reverse Search Got some sales almost immediately. I'm talking about next day 9 order form impressions only 3 sales. Then I tried putting the price in the adwords ad to try and keep the non buyers for clicking my ads and increase my ROI. People still clicked but the buggers didn't buy (that pissed me off). So I stopped promoting it due to my ROI (May start back after doing some more keyword reasearch).

    But other products that I'm promoting are similar in that they have nuthing to do with I'm. Just recently I had someone click on an "Order Submit Form" and I do not see the money in my account. I'll probably have to start another tread for that though.
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    Hi TJ
    I launched my first CB product in June and over the first month had just 5% of order form impressions converting to submits.
    After some split testing my conversion rate jumped up to 20%.
    One of the most interesting split test results was changing the 'click here to order now' button to 'add to cart'.
    This one change improved the submit rate by 10%.
    If you would like some 'add to cart' images please message me and I can provide these for you.
    All the best

    Glenn Ayrton
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    Thanks but I have no control over the buttons for now as I'm mostly using 301 Redirects... But i might message you in the future....
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