My internet browser acting weird...any tips?

by BJ Min
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anytime i type in a website name (in the browser website box) using mozilla or internet explorer...

it doesn't go to the website directly...

instead it shows up a google search for that website name...

anyone experience this before and know how to fix it?

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    Are you sure you haven't somehow minimized or remove the address box and are using the search box instead?

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    you may have a malware issue.

    go here and download their program-it's free

    run it and it will clean up any malicious crap that may have been placed on your computer without you knowledge.

    My computer seemed to have taken on a life of it's own at one time.
    This is the program that the service tech used to fix it.

    I run this program at least once a month in addition to my other spyware and anti virus programs.

    I then run

    this removes all the crap from your computer. (It's actually called "Crap Cleaner")

    Hope this helps


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    I mainly use safari but that does happen to me sometimes when I use firefox. I agree, you may have picked up some malware somewhere.

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    As NormPurc mentioned, it can be something like malware. Google your problem and you will find the solution.
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    There is a good malware cleaning program called Windows Advanced Care that should take care of the problem.

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    backup your files first. but keep in your mind, these files may have virus already.

    then use to remove this virus. it may take you some time to try it again and again.

    it is a virus which is very difficult to remove.

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