What IM ebook/course/video would you recommend for an absolute newbie?

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I have a friend who would like to do something to make extra money and I want to give him something to start with for internet marketing and not have to hold his hand through it. He doesn't need to make a lot of money... getting to the point where he could make $20-50/day within a month of starting would be wonderful to him.

He can get on the internet, surf the web, read and send e-mail, but that's about the extent of his technical ability. He would have no idea what I was talking about if I mentioned affiliate marketing, ebooks, pay-per-click, etc. (think someone with the internet skills attributed to John McCain )

Anything that I give him would need to be quite comprehensive. It would also be good if it focused on one concept... preferably one that would require the least technical skills. And I definitely want to keep the amount of info to a minimum and try to prevent overwhelming him.

So, I ask you, oh Great Warriors, for suggestions on what course/ebook/video/etc. could take him by the hand (as much as possible) and get him going and making money in internet marketing.

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