Cant break the amount o leave my job..Frustrating!!

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Hi all I have been learning marketing for years now and I would still class myself as a noob with a lot to learn however I do make money online at the moment.

In fact over the last two years I started toi make money and I have saved it all however I am not earning that magical number (for me ) of 1000 per month on a regular basis in order to leave my day job and do this full time.

Currently I have a number of gambling affiliate websites (small returns and random amounts and payments and not regular) , I run a football tipster service which is hit and miss depending on my form and also a few other sites one which is a gadget website (small amount of amazon associates sales currently trying to upscale).

As well as another review based website which has random income every month I also get a lot of random requests to post articles on my sites for anything upwards of 100 per post again these are random requests and not regular.

Can anyone give me a solid hint in what direction I should be going in? I'm scraping along currently and I need something solid to aim at and I am struggling.

Appreciate any constructive input..I can certainly sell things that's not an issue.
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    You are in a good position to start affiliate marketing.

    I suggest getting into mobile affiliate marketing as the traffic is cheap and the offers are easy to sell.

    Right now one measly $3 offer is making me mid $XXX a day and the campaign only took 1 day to setup and 1 week to get into profit.

    Lot's of money to be made with mobile right now and nobody is paying attention to it (Which is good, less competition out there).
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      Hi RefuseToLose,

      I would love to know a bit more about this, are there any resources you can point me towards?
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      Time is of essence. In order to build a viable business you have to make quality time to grow it. Even if you are still on your job, put aside time everyday to do specific things that make you money. If it is driving traffic to your site, then make sure you are using the best and most effective methods during that hour or two that you have set aside. It is possible for someone to spend all day trying to drive free traffic to a site and make not money at all. You can start making more money by being focused and strategic and then make a decision when you see the results.
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    Wow, I know it can be so close and yet seem so far away. Don't worry i'm sure it closer that you think. Sounds like you might want to try to focus all your efforts on one. Little gains on a bunch are usually not as good as big gains on one! Take one and put all your efforts into it full blast.

    There is an article that helped me, take a look and let me know what you think, its by STEVE TOBAK .

    In the words of that great philosopher Kenny Rogers - You've got to know when to hold 'em / Know when to fold 'em / Know when to walk away / And know when to run.....

    Good luck, Gambler!
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that the monetization strategy you're using is never going to produce the amount of money you want to make unless you learn how to drive mega traffic to your web sites. It's a numbers game when you earn money via Adsense and other similar business models. I know you didn't say that is how your money is coming in, but it's pretty typical for review sites and other types that don't sell their own products or have big affiliate programs.

    Generally with this model, you get paid a few cents per click that you get on your ad and then the "clicker" is shuttled off your site. Unless this happens thousands of times a day, you're never going to get rich with this tiny amount of money per action.

    To me, this business model is very poor for anyone that can't drive lots of traffic to his sites on a daily basis. First of all, the amount you earn per click is very small. Secondly, you're only paid when people are referred elsewhere (off your site) and that does you no good.

    Change your monetization plan. You can do that in lots of different ways - high paying affiliate products, recurring income with a membership basis, sell your own products, provide a paid service, etc. You've been doing this IM thing long enough that you should know the options. Either that, or get really good at driving hoards of traffic (which can be very expensive with paid options).

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I'd have to agree with Steve B. Very few people in the affiliate game are killing it either because they aren't making huge amounts per referral or because they need WAY more traffic than they currently get.

    That is the main reason we do eCommerce. We make more per sale and need far less traffic to make real money.
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    I think you are trying to be a jack of all trade and master of none. Don't get me wrong or be discouraged, you have done very well for yourself despite having a day job and running your own online business.

    I have been there before and can confess that it's not easy to combine both. If you are a family man, you will find that you missing something in your life, either your sleep, family, online business and job.

    I must commend you for been able to make some success.

    My advice is, pick one or two of your business and go all out and see what you can make of it in 2 to 6 months.

    Since you are working, some aspect of your business must be outsourced and as the CEO, it's your job to find out that function that is yearning for external support.
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      I think you are trying to be a jack of all trade and master of none.

      I would zero in on (1) of those monetization methods you mentioned above. Not all and then learn how to drive a lot of FREE Traffic to it.

      You are 'scattering' your energy all over the place (not putting your eggs in one basket so to speak).

      Keep doing this and you'll keep getting a little money here and there.

      FOCUS on (1) thing (that is worth your time) and you should reach your goal (and more).

      $1K per month is not hard.
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    Hey there

    I think you need to find a larger audience volume!

    or really scale down your niche to a very relevant one?
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    I struggled for several years until I discovered offline marketing. Recurring income each month is like watching a Kentucky basketball win...pleasurable and fulfilling...
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  • Thanks everyone I have a lot to think about

    Just to elaborate a little more i don't make anything from google adsense etc as i was banned about 10 years ago in my youth for fake clicks (stupid i know)

    yet google will never reconsider that was when i was young and that it wont happen now , i run a rev iew site for a service area and all money comes from clickbank

    i run a football tipster service all money come sin via monthly subscriptions each month but as i said this goes up and down.

    commission from gambling affiliate sites is commission and CPA based from referrals which are hard to get!

    I will do some research into another area and focus all my attention on it where possible and play to my strengths and hopefully i will be giving other people advice on this same topic in a year or so!
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  • gamblerscompendium,

    It certainly sounds like you are ready to leave your 9 to 5, and trust me I understand. I see you have some income but its not as reliable as you would like it to be. Just from my stand point it helped me to really determine my overall goals before seeking a path. What are you passionate about? What is it that will drive you to work hard day in and day out to achieve? Once I defined those goals it was making small task to reach them. It sounds like you want to stay within marketing, so really its all about deciding what type of marketing you want to do. I really hope that you find the path you need to quite your 9 to 5. Working for yourself is very rewarding. Good luck in all you do!
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    If you're running lots of different things bringing in income, focus on saving time.

    The solution usually lies in automation. If your tip service is on Facebook start there.
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    Decide on one niche only, focus on that then go about dominating it.

    If gambling is your thing you need to start building a list of gamblers and monetise that list by providing value and offers on a regular basis.

    Your gamblers compendium site, for instance, has no way of capturing a visitors email so you need to come up with a lead magnet that will bribe your visitor for their email address.

    The lead magnet could be something as simple as a pdf:
    "The 5 Things You MUST Know Before You Whip Out Your Card In an Online Casino"

    If you can't write a lead magnet yourself buy some PLR that will do the job.

    As leads get added to your autoresponder mail them a series of messages that builds rapport so they get to know, like and trust you because of the value you send them and also send them offers so you get rewarded for your efforts when they buy.

    Build your list of gamblers by setting up a fb page and shopify store (Gamblers Gear) and start running fb ads selling physical products that you can dropship like poker chips, custom designed playing cards... and/or gambling tees with gambling slogans that you can sell using GearBubble or TeeSpring.

    You'll make money and you'll build your list at the same time doing this.

    Gambling can be tricky to promote though with so many platforms having restrictions with placing gambling ads.

    Hope this helps

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    Maybe you should focus more effort on scaling up whichever avenue is paying most so far.

    Regarding the football betting - I've done a bit in this industry before and there's definitely scope to make money. How are you cashing in from this, just members paying you?

    Having glanced at your site it seems like this is primarily what you're pushing - but there's no real sales pitch to hook me in. It's almost like I have to think 'oh, it's only a fiver' to sign up.

    Personally I like the idea of giving the tips for free on Youtube (if you're happy getting in front of video) and pushing new customer offers through your CPA links to the betting sites. There's a massive market for these type of tip videos on Youtube and tons of organic traffic there. Importantly, there's so many great 'new customer offers' that signing up practically sells itself. You could create videos to make people aware of new customer offers that are no brainers and then give accy tips on how to use the free bets.
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    It sounds like you may be spreading yourself a little thin. I would recommend that you focus on one aspect of your online business and go all out on that until you get some monies coming in. After that start to move on. I hope that helps and good luck!

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