Am I choosing the wiser path with a limited budget of $1500.

by ocip
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I brief intro on how I started, i'm a newbie at this and have been in the game roughly one month. I created an up-sell review type site and havent made a sale on it yet thought optimizing and changing things every now and then. I used a wordpress theme for this project and linked it to Amazon products but understand its not easy to make much because of the low commission.

I took this route because the startup money was minimal, mostly domain, hosting and a few fiverr gigs. I dont want to continue doing it this way though.

I have $1500 dollars to work with, my next strategy is to:

order a supplement product, use a fulfillment center, brand it, create a CTA page and run it on Facebook and Bing, i'm considering running native ads also.

So my questions are:

Is this a viable strategy for the amount im investing, would there be a better and possibly safer strategy I could use the $1500 for?

What should I look out for when doing this?

How do I even begin to compile the policy statements at the bottom

This should be done under an LLC correct?

Any other suggestions or advice would be awesome!

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