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what the best software to get more traffic into our site?which one better to do it manually or by software ?

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    Increasing the traffic on your website is not a work of day, weeks or a months it takes time and you need to have patience.

    while following are the some tips you can try:

    1.Make your content unique and try to find out what people are searching on web related to your website or business. include those search words in your content.
    2.Make your social presence strong link your social accounts to your website and share your website on social platforms like Facebook, twitter etc
    3.Keep updating your website blog page if you don not have create it.
    4.Optimize your website for search engines with the help of SEO. For this you can hire a SEO agency or a SEO freelancer.
    5.If you do not have budget learn SEO and implement it for your website
    Want to experience the same practically , give it a try http://www.boomer.co
    Hope this information will be helpful for you.
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    From my point of view, there is not any software to get more traffic into our site.
    You can get traffic by backlinks and content. Backlinks from other authoritative website and content which you post and rank on SERP.
    You can write blogs and post on your website's tech blog section and your blogs may rank on SERP and you can get traffics.
    Target long tail keywords for titles and description first. The keywords which have high search volume and lower competition.
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    The days of automated web traffic to get a ranking boost are over. There is no point at all in automating traffic to a site, automated traffic will not buy anything.
    It may have a very very slight impact on search results but eventually Google will work out it is automated and ignore / penalise you for it.

    Genuine traffic is not actually that hard to obtain but it does take time. Start with long tail rankings, move on up to more broad terms and then as your site gains authority you will get more and more traffic through organic.

    Never discount quantified traffic from social either, on some of my sites I have very high rankings on heavy duty keywords, however when I look at conversion rates they are far far higher from social.

    New Course - Master Level Funnels - Get Multiple High Paying Clients While Living Life On Your Own Terms

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    There is no software to increase traffic
    but hard work and white hat SEO that brings traffic to your website.

    Do your best and give time to google :-)
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    As far a I know, there are no softwares that can do automatic SEO for you. Preferably use WordPress for creating your blog. Use Yoast plugin for enhancing your SEO. Do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner. Use keyword rich and attractive title for your posts. And most important is content - content is King!
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    That's a great question. With all of the new 'software' that's coming out and claiming to drive tons of traffic and what not, it really is easy to get confused. But the best method is to definitely do traffic driving manually. All the software that I've personally used and tried has always ended up being banned and getting some accounts banned as well. I hope that helps and good luck!

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    As I know that there's no really software can generate real traffic for you. Almost are fake and untapped traffic. IMO
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    Be aware and not use bot / robot traffic = cheap traffic to get more clicks to your site. If you do that, you site might be punished in Google and get a lower ranking there = less traffic and less trustable site.
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    Hi, i would recommend facebook for traffic, you can use niche related groups which is filled with people who are interested in your product and is also completely free to post or you can target people with facebook paid ads.
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      Originally Posted by marvinoliver View Post

      I would like to suggest you to start with 'Email Marketing'.It is the best way to grow brand awareness and generating leads.You can try using tools like Easysendy Pro which is hybrid email marketing tool , helps you to send bulk emails , cheaply.It also has smart autoresponder and advanced email list segmentation based on subscriber interactions with email campaign. This helps sending highly targeted and improves your conversion rates.
      i use to try all the latest and greatest, but I made my first $2000 purely by email marketing. Its very powerful and all starts by building your list. People do not understand that just a few leads a day, can make a difference to your bank account.
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    There is no magic solution man. You can't just fire up some software and get high-quality and converting traffic.

    Traffic takes a lot of time to build unless you have a big budget and great knowledge and experience on how to drive it.

    Look into promoting yourself on Reddit and YouTube if you don't have any money to spend.
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    Stay away from any 'software' that promises traffic. Most likely the only sole function of that software is to put $$$ into the pockets of the owner by selling you useless bot traffic.

    Just like everyone is pretty well saying, success online is a process that will cost you (just like in any other career).
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    Software is not real traffic. You may use software to optimize your SEO rankings. But if you are generating traffic by software or bots then you are not dealing with people and not making sales. The best way to make sales is to not sell, but to help people solve a problem.
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    Hey there,

    Try to concentrate on writing a Quality content which makes your visitors like and share your site.

    Include social share buttons in all your posts and concentrate on bringing some traffic to it. If your content is good enough to attract a visitor, then it will be shared by them automatically. It will increase your traffic too!

    Get targeted traffic from Social Media, Youtube etc

    Thank you.
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  • Getting traffic to your website is not as easy as it has been even a few years back.

    1) I guess what you call "software" is more commonly referred to now as "programmatic platforms". In most cases - they are just ad networks that have a more advanced system of ad serving. Getting traffic from "software" (or any ad network) might get your rankings high and will be cheaper than Google (if you don't count Google Adwords or Facebook ads as "software" for that matter). And yes, if you're buying too much bot traffic from scammy pubs - you won't rank too high on Google anyway.
    2) If by "without software" you mean things like content marketing, e-mail traffic and SERP - that will take time.

    "Manually" takes more time, but usually pays off better. "Software" - well, you've gotta have the expertise to handle that.
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    What is your target by the traffic? if you want to increase your sell by the traffic, you should increase your targeted audience by doing SEO & advertisement. Don't use the software to increase your site traffic. If you can increase Do-follow link more & more than the No-follow link. It would better for you. because the Do-follow link will increase your site page rank & page traffic at a time, while the No-follow link will increase the traffic only. You can use the Social Media site also. Thanks for your interest.
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    I would not go the software route.

    One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is to get active on social media.

    Create a facebook page, twitter, LinkedIN accout, and forums in your niche.

    And just start sharing good content about your niche--do not sell be helpful.

    Over time, this will help drive traffic back to your site/blog.

    Hope this Helps
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