.com / .co.uk / .org ??? Does It Make A Difference?

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I am currently building a couple of web pages for some products i am going to promote! I am trying to decide whether to use .com / .co.uk / .org etc.....
Does it really make a difference and also if the desired address is taken - such as YourKeywords .com does it make much difference to use
your-keywords .com instead?

Thanks in advance!

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    For me always always .com I would never even countenance anything else unless I wanted to target a demographic area, I have .co.uk and .es blogs.
    la dominatrix
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    TLD extention denotes what type of website you are having ... commercial, organization, UK based domain etc.

    But to my knowledge country based tlds will be given more importance in search results based on your country I guess.

    Personally I'd like to seperate keywords by hyphen as search engines see both as two keywords.

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    Thanks! I was planning to use .com but i thought i would ask to be safe!
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      However good and big and successful your site, the dot-com version belongs to someone else. That's the difference it makes. It's not about whether you can do as well with a dot-org or a dot-net or whatever. It's about the fact that someone else owns and controls and dot-com version of your domain-name. I wouldn't want to set up and run a business under that handicap, myself.
      What do you mean by someone else owns it?
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    Alexa is saying that if you own the .net, .org, or .co.uk version of a domain, and somebody else owns the .com, you will be giving them free traffic forever since many people (and browsers) favor that extension.

    I own some dot coms that are taken in other extensions, and every time the .net or .org site does a large promotion, I get hundreds - even thousands - of visitors and make money from the traffic either by parking or sending to an affiliate page.


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  • Of course it does. Hypens are hard to type in and hard to brand. Avoid them if possible.
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    Jonathan that's great. And yes I agree, you better ad an extra word or two. And I wouldn't use dashes with more than 3 words, other wise people forget the order of them and get confused or end up at another site.
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    Thanks everyone - points taken on board!!! Ill assume other than people getting confused the dashes don't have any other effect?
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