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Hi Everyone,

I've started college a while back and haven't been the IM loop at all. While doing IM It seemed I never got anything right. I really wanna get back to doing IM and actually make something online.

My Goal is to make 25-50$ online a week. I don't know if that's to high or not but for me this is the perfect amount of money I could be making.

What I'm asking is if anyone has time to talk to me or help me get back into IM again. If you charge you charge if you don't that's Even Bettter! ^_^

As I said I just need to start making that 25-50$ and I'm willing to try just about anything...Legal... .

So Thanks to anyone who responds in advance!
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    Suggest you start out producing content in an area where there are some quality affiliate programs.

    Start by heading over to ClickBank Marketplace - ClickBank and finding some information products that fall into an area where you can produce some content.

    Then, do some research on keywords you can target to find people who want the solution offered in the ebook or info product you choose on Clickbank

    Finally - setup a website, or even better, a Wordpress blog and begin posting daily about that area - information that will attract those who need the solution offered in your chosen ebook from Clickbank. Every few posts, you can make a "soft sell" to the affiliate link for the product.

    If you target your keywords effectively and do a good job of posting daily and getting some backlinks to your posts - you should be generating $30-$50 a week within month.

    Even better - you will be building traffic, a following and potentially a list (assuming you have an opt-in offer on your blog) that will help you grow your income over time.


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    Ok this isn't really IM but if your in college then you probably have hosting space on your college's servers. ".edu" links are quite valuable as Google loves them. Set up a simple site and sell a couple of links a week and you've got your $25-$50 a week. (Don't get carried away or you might get in trouble.)
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    Hi Dylan,

    I know two guys who can help you -- at no cost. Paul Myers and Marlon Sanders. Here are their sites:

    Paul - TalkBiz News: What you really need to know to succeed online - Online business building newsletter

    Marlon - Learn Internet Marketing

    Then there's Allen Says. When you get the chance, you'll want to become a full member here and access his "Ideas" posts in the War Room.

    For now, forget EVERYTHING else that comes along the i-way. No matter how good, they' just confuse you. The great thing about these three guys is not only the effectiveness of their ideas, but how they get you to FOCUS and DO.

    That's your most important priority for now, I believe.

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        Hi Dylantk,

        You might want to seriously consider going here:

        The Newbie University - Welcome To Your Success
        The Marketing Rinnegato Cometh... stay tuned. This link leads to my Warrior blog...
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        Originally Posted by Kingdom_Mines View Post

        Kenneth, every one has "ideas" even my cleaning lady, my question is if we join the war room can we access his expertise??

        I may be taking this the wrong way, but I'd be more inclined to answer your question if you'd phrased it more politely and left out the preface about your cleaning lady.

        Perhaps you should stay with your cleaning lady and forget the War Room
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        Originally Posted by Kingdom_Mines View Post

        ...even my cleaning lady,...
        How much money has your cleaning lady made in IM?

        The OP wants to know how to make some cash online, not how to make a bed.

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    Hi Kenneth,

    I'm going to take a look at the two sites that you recommended to Dylan. I'm new to this IM stuff and would like to learn more about it.

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    Ricky, the war room has stuff that'll blow your mind. And Allen has a lot of his older stuff in there (but you'll have to search for it).

    Dylan, this is what I'd do... (opinion - take it or leave it). Focus on something related to your college. It could be a newsletter, forum, chatroom, blog... Anything that you can do these 2 things:

    1. Communicate with your followers (and let them communicate back)

    since everyone you come in contact with knows someone else this will eventually grow.

    However you do it - You Be The Guru Guy To Goto For the Info. It's your show.

    That $25-$50 a day will be just around the corner if you stay focused on your business DAILY.

    Right Now. What a wonderful time to start!

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  • First, join the War Room. You should be able to find something in there that can help you reach your goal.

    I am just going to state the obvious, though. $25-$50 a week? Why not just write your way to that figure? You could write three to five articles a week to get to that figure.
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