How To Create Awareness For My No-Cost Video Resume Service?

by chrisj
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I'm offering no-cost video resumes to help build my videographer portfolio,and I'm looking for ideas on where to advertise or where to create awareness regarding that.
Any/all (specific) ideas will be appreciated.
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    Craigslist wouldn't be a bad idea. Categories like jobs, services, gigs, and resumes will probably get you responses.

    Flyers at local employment services might be a good place too. There are tons of people there looking to get a competitive edge and are looking for work.

    And if it's no cost why not?
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    This sounds like it may be a local service, but I'm just guessing here. If that's the case I would suggest geotargeting with facebook, local classified ads in the employment section, craigslist, etc.

    I would think about if I were looking for a job, where would I look. This is where you will want to expose your services.

    You could try colleges / universities, trade schools. Not sure about your area, but here in Michigan some years ago they turned the unemployment agency into "Michigan Works" which tries to match people to jobs and also point them in the right direction for specific training and what-not. These places could certainly help you out if you knew someone there that could pass along a business card or they may even have a bulletin board you could pin your offer and contact info.

    Bulletin boards in any public place.


    You could go to craigslist and look through people's resumes and contact them with your offer.

    Hopefully you will find something here helpful.

    Best of luck to ya !!
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    Go to local colleges and place ads in their school papers or on bulletin boards.

    If you hear about local companies that are doing layoffs offer your services to their employees.

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    Try promoting in Top Social Media Sites like - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr etc.
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    Thanks for all the replies.
    Also, how would I promote this on Instagram?
    And does anyone sell legitmate email lists?
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    Showcase what you have to offer on YouTube go where the millions of people already are....
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    Thanks for the Youtube reply.
    I wasn't considering YouTube, because that stats say "300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute", so I wonder if my video will ever be seen.

    And I always believed people go to YouTube mostly for entertainment
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