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I am trying to break into the "make money online niche".

I am thinking about placing a facebook ad to send traffic to my opt in page for my email list but I'm not sure what settings to use.

Should use a target demographic, or a market by interest or what?

Any tips, insights or anything would be greatly appreciated!
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    Depending on what programs you belong to it's very hard to make money on these programs. I tried for 5 years and total waste of time. If you are not selling a product where you have to invest a good chunk of change into there is a small chance of making money? To use facebook you have to usually buy space. One of the tags that generally work the best ,internet marketing,home based business,generate leads,traffic,work from home,mlm. I spent at least 10 hours a day for 5 years and found out there is a lot of legal scams out there. If you have to get referrals to get paid thT is hard because people are skeptical and or lazy they start out jazzed and then when they realize what goes into it they drop out. Just don't throw a lot of money out the first 6 months you will be able to see how it's going to go pretty quickly.

    Good luck and my best wishes
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    Hey there!

    You want to target the right, relevant interests that are ultra specific and you need to

    research the right demographic, but of course you can only do so much at first,

    you need to test when you run your campaign and then you can tweak it!

    ANd oh be careful of FB strict "make money online" rules
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    "make money online niche", so much competition, i think you should promote something else rather than make money online
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    It is very easy to blow your budget very quickly on Facebook. However once you know what you are doing and with a deal of testing Facebook ads can be very lucrative and deliver some awesome ROI's.
    I would suggest studying one or more of the premium Facebook marketing courses by Chris Record or one of the many others who have published courses on the subject.
    Sponsored video on Facebook is also a good way of getting a lot of cheap clicks, but whatever way you decide to go with Facebook advertising. I would suggest doing your homework well first.
    Good Luck.
    Dennis N Brown.
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    Make Money Niche on facebook is very broad search yes. But you can still do it.. you need to create your audience around certain peoples like pages and interests. Get your targeting really tight or you will spend lots of money.

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    You can target both targeting demographic and market by interest with minimum advertising amount, next advertising will be as per results.

    The more you experiment, more you will learn in money making niche.
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    From my experience with Facebook, by interest works better in the MMO niche.

    However, the only real way to know is to TEST with a budget that you can afford to lose.

    In addition, make money online is quite vast - are you specialising in a particular area? If so, that will help you to narrow down your custom audience.
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    Haha, not trying to troll and I am not going to give away my secrets but a lot you missed the boat. Point is if your older than Zuckerberg you'll never fully understand how FB works.

    Lmfao I never paid a dime and got over 1000page views to my website with less than 40% bounce rates in less than 2 days. I'm just saying that the real people who know internet marketing, like the stonerkid or whatever his name is on Youtube are younger than 30. We know what's good and all you old heads who spend 10 years learning something Ive known since I was twelve makes it easier for gurus like me to just eat up the show....

    Do some research. Making money online needs to happen in 24hrs. If it doesn't go back to the drawing board.

    Heres my biggest piece of advice;

    Learn code. Learn how these sites actually function. Then you stand a chance, but if anyones got Googles algorithm laying around can you send it my way!
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    Originally Posted by Stringablaze View Post

    I am trying to break into the "make money online niche".

    I am thinking about placing a facebook ad to send traffic to my opt in page for my email list but I'm not sure what settings to use.

    Should use a target demographic, or a market by interest or what?

    Any tips, insights or anything would be greatly appreciated!
    You should try both and test to see which ones produce the most likes and results for you before focusing on that.

    For myself, I have been running a series of campaigns on micro-budgets throughout this year.
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    I agree with everything here, its a very tough market i have tried it. Have you tried PPC via google and bing ? Theres great money to be made, competition can be high but it depends on the product.
    Good luck

    Less work More money More time

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    Theres a million easier ways to get started in IM. This niche will probably cause you more frustration than anything.

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    Facebook is good but if you don't control well, it will burn your money quickly. Maybe you can try some Solo Ads. The reason is fast yet affordable. Base on the stat, you are able to fine tune your sale funnel/sale page. As for FB ads, based on your niche, I will select Tier 1 countries as location and then key in the interesting keywords. Hope this might help.
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    You might want to consider YouTube ads. They seem to work better for me for this kind of stuff than FB.
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    Why don't you try with Bing Ads?

    It's so much cheaper for you to start with.

    Hope this help!
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    It might be worthwhile looking into other niches and dig deep. Ideally with some sort of niche selection program.

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    Since you are new to IM you might want to consider learning a little more about FB advertising before launching a campaign. If you feel comfortable with FB ads then you want to look into audience insights after you get going. TO get started you will want to define your target market as specific as possible.
    You can get some help from Youtube I'm sure.
    Learn the basics of FB advertising before you sepnd too much. Split test your ads to get better results.

    Good luck,

    Exactly What I am Doing to Easily Build Consistent Recurring Income.
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    Solid article that I recently used to lower my facebook ad cost (I sell digital products on fb).
    Hope that helps.

    What is "Ad Maturing"? (How 48 Hours of Patience Lowered my Facebook Ad Cost by 34%) - Fearless Social
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    You can either can go with targeting both(Demographic & Interest) or you can target one. But whatever you select always do Split testing! Find out the best performing ad. Concentrate on that particular ad and get what you want. Repeat the process with different settings(like different niches or interests) to explore more.

    Thank you.
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    For MMO niche Now FB video ads are super Hot & Cheap.
    You can try. For target - must target country with Interest & put pixel also.
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