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Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I'm not sure what the culture is like here, as some places can be unnecessarily condescending or sarcastic, especially toward people who know less than them, but I'm going to hope for the best. I'll get right to it.

In my search for understanding internet marketing, I have inadvertently spent 95% of my time being sold to. If I ask for a question about which app, plugin, or process works for X Y or Z, I'm sold to. Reviews are paid for. The websites I end up landing on are optimized as they are run by affiliates. I'm an honest, no BS, old school business owner, and for me that's frustrating.

I'll give you an example. I signed up here and got an email to join something called the war forum. Then I googled whether or not that was a worthwhile investment for a beginner, and read incredibly conflicting information, the majority of which was that it wasn't, and that, ironically, it was permeated by marketing attempts.

I'm just looking for pointers from someone who enjoys helping others reach their pinnacle. I won't bore you with my personal problems, but I have a family that I'm trying to support to the best of my ability, and I'm just trying to get some direction in terms of where I can start without getting that information from a biased perspective. It's been overwhelming. My ability to do physical work is limited and I feel that internet marketing might be a really good fit for me.

If anyone is interested in helping by simply giving some advice I would really and very sincerely appreciate the gesture. Thanks to you all, have a wonderful day.
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    IMO just post your questions on here. Normally people around here are pretty helpful.

    With that being said, also do a few searches to see if your questions have already been answered.
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    This forum has some golden nuggets attached to it. The problem is that there are people who make less then $100 per month MAYBE and try to give advice to others like yourself who are new or are struggling on how to make a living online. They are themselves NOT making much money and they give others garbage advice. The blind leading the blind so to speak.
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    My advise to you is 1 Stop spending Purchase nothing. The Find your niche How to find a good niche to go into is first Find a big problem. Find the problem first and then research the answer to that problem and push that answer in front of the people who need it. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to do home work and find out how others are doing it to be honest Join as many lists as you can to find out how squeeze pages work Also when you make a sales page give value that is give a bonus free for purchasing from you that is relevant to the product being purchased. I never made a dime on the internet until 1 I stopped spending money and 2 sorted out via research what I wanted to do and then after I got into video marketing then affiliate marketing I started to make money online. But for just over 3 years I have been making my own products and it is working fine for me. So just stop spending Find someone who is not interested in your money but interested in helping you succeed because in the long run you will need to spend some money but spend it with some one who is helping you and not just anyone who puts a good offer in front of you.
    Hope this helps Robert
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    I'm new to the forum, but have been neck deep in my own learning (and execution) process myself. I back what Chris is saying about just asking, but to take it a little further, I'd request some specificity from you.

    In other words, what specific questions do you have right now that you're looking for an answer to?

    I'm not the guy to 'sell' you on anything, but be warned... depending on the types of questions you ask, I may point you in the direction of some books you can grab on Amazon. I wouldn't be making any money on the sales of those books obviously, and they'll be from authors I don't even know, but depending on your learning curve and where you really are in this process, there might be a few key (and obviously super affordable) resources that you can leverage for a faster and better result.
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    These are some really helpful replies and I get the sense that people really do want to see each other succeed around here, and that is inspiring, not only for this industry but in terms of humanity as well. It's been raining here in northern california, and just yesterday I saw an older lady walking up the street from the hospital with no shoes or umbrella in the rain, so my best friend, who's a lady, and I popped the trunk and gave her a blanket and shoes she had in my trunk. We didn't sell them to her. We gave them to her because we felt she genuinely needed it.

    What Robert about stop spending really makes sense and resonated with me, and it's the main reason I started the post. Every time I wanted to get an opinion on the quality of a internet marketing resource such as a guide or plugin, or a comparison between tools, it was almost impossible to do without it being incentivized or sold. What's the best landing page plugin for wordpress? You can imagine the reverse engineered SEO pages I ended up on lol.

    Thanks again for the replies. I'll focus on making my own products that genuinely help people and solve problems, since I have a background in creating my own products offline, and stick with traditional selling and closing methods, and I guess you can't go wrong with that. Thanks so much!
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