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It's really cool when you get that order for articles that basically says "here's my niche, write ten articles of any length on any subject and take all the time you need."

If it was a first time customer, I'd think he didn't know what he wanted, but when it's the third or fourth order you know what he's really saying - "I trust your judgment."

When you first start writing for clients, there's always that worry... you send out an article and halfway expect the client to come back and say "WTF is this, you idiot" because you screwed something up. The moments of confidence and trust are always unexpected, and just worth their weight in gold.

A lot of people out there praise their outsource talent, whether it's content writers or web designers or just plain old affiliates, but I think sometimes the outsource talent forgets to come in and thank the clients. The street runs both ways, and if I didn't have so many great clients, my life wouldn't be as good as it is.

Just like the web designers wouldn't be much of anywhere without people who needed sites built, and the affiliates wouldn't be much of anywhere without people who needed products sold... we content writers wouldn't have much of a business at all if it weren't for the clients.
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    I love those orders! It gives me so much more to work with when a client says, "Just send me 30 articles on this subject when you get a chance" than when I'm trying to make something work according to a strict outline or keyword parameter.

    You're totally right - I'd like to add my thanks to all the great clients I've worked with here on the Warrior Forum
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      I have not had as many clients as some because I just recently started doing a little ghost writing on the side. The clients I've had (and you know who you are ) have all been great.

      If I needed clarification on what they wanted they were lightening fast returning emails. In exchange I tried to get their articles to them as quickly as possible. They thanked me for the work that I did and I thanked them for the work that they gave me.

      It's been great so far so, thanks again.

      P.S. Nice post. It is a two way street. You're right about that.

      Get a professional voice over for your next audio or video project at an affordable price -- I will record 150 words of text for just $5.

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        IMO people who hire writers would probably be better off if they didn't keep them on a leash. A good writer can provide different perspectives and really give you article promotion efforts a boost.

        Before I was able to design my own sites I hired a web designer to design a three page site for me. I was new to IM and gave him absolutely no direction.

        He produced a site I was very proud of.

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    How much leeway to give writers is sort of a mixed bag. I've had clients who send me nothing but the niche to go on and those who send me a list of exactly what they want, down to the paragraph.

    If you're expecting something very specific, then I definitely want to know as much as possible. If left to my own devices, I tend to write in a very conversational tone - so if a client is expecting articles with a promotional slant, I need to know that up front.

    But I do think that once you've taken the time to find a good writer and done a few successful projects, it's not a bad idea to let the writer go a little bit. The writer may be more knowledgeable about a particular niche than you are, or may be able to take the articles in a new direction you hadn't thought about before.
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    I like this thread... giving props where it is due: our clients.

    So far I have had some AWESOME clients, and I have enjoyed each niche I have had to write about. I do like having that confidence booster when a client just tells you to have at it, and do it how you believe is best.

    Just giving a shout out to all of my clients --> THANKS for being AWESOME.

    Man, maybe we should say that more often

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    When ever I hire somebody to do something I just give them complete freedom to do it.

    Thats why I paying them to start with, because they know more about it then me.

    Talk soon,
    Kenny Kencaid
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    I have some really great warriors to write for, too. It's a blessing to work for nice, reasonable people.
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