Can anyone recommend me a good affiliate program to promote Diabetes products?

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I am thinking to launch a diabetes blog or possible membership site
I got a good UK domain name diabetespatient(.)co(.)uk

before I start build the website/blog and articles

can some1 recommend me a good diabetes affiliate program besides clickbank

I am thinking to promote health supplements but keen in any other ideas
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    Give a try. They have several diabetes offers. It will at least give you an idea of what else is out there besides clickbank. also offers some products for affilates.

    Good luck.

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    cant see your website live
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    Amazon has a huge array of diabetic products and supplies.
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      Originally Posted by myob View Post

      Amazon has a huge array of diabetic products and supplies.
      I was scrolling down to say exactly the same thing. Amazon has a ton of diabetic products and supplies.
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    Why don't you look into ClickBank? They have 1000's of digital products that you can get in there.
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    Hi You do not have a lot of options Try JVZoo or even a WSO thats the best bet You can also direct traffic via forums in your niche. Hope it helps Robert
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    here is the most current discussion on the subject

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    You can look for individual stores selling diabetes products and contact them asking about affiliate programs. This way you get solid business relationship. Some stores will already have an affiliate program to join. For example, sells different types of medicines for diabetes patients and they have an affiliate program. It's better to promote known retailers than mysterious offers. You know where you are sending your visitors to and that's an important fact. Because people will remember finding it from your site. Another option is Amazon, specially if you are interested in promoting supplements. Hope that helps!
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    Can I talk with you later with details?
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