Ideas and How to Create a Membership Website/blog

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I have built several blogs and landing pages in the past
but never done a membership website

I bought a good domain name diabetespatient(.)co(.)uk

I am thinking to build a membership website
but do not know how to start, need ideas in how to build a membership website.

I am good in writing articles but do now know how to start a membership website. should it be free or paid?

should I have a free blog and some paid content where people can read by getting a membership?

what sort of wodpress plugin should I use?

also can some1 give me examples of membership website


PS: should I also have a aweber list promoting my membership website or should I promote an diabetes affiliate program?
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    Try to see amember system - they are on market 10+ years and I see a lot of good marketer use this platform for membership.
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    Originally Posted by smitchacha View Post

    Ideas and How to Create a Membership Website/blog

    First of all, there is no one right way to set up a membership site and blog.

    All of the choices you mentioned (free vs. paid content, free or paid entry, aWeber or not) can work great or they can bomb totally. I believe you have the best chance for success if you match up the requirements for the system you choose with the skills and talents that you already possess.

    So, for instance, if you can write well and have expertise in the subject matter, then you are in a good position to create original paid content. On the other hand, if you're not a good writer and would rely on say ready and freely available content, then it might be difficult for you to charge for that information.

    Personally, I have found that many people these days are hesitant to commit to recurring fees unless they are expecting expert and timely original information . . . or . . . they are rabid consumers of the niche subject material and will buy everything they can get their hands on. Such people are the 10-15% of any niche marketplace (just a guess) and they would be considered the "die hards", the rabid fans that just can't get enough.

    I tell you this because, in my experience, paid membership sites are best attempted when you already have a fan base (an audience of subscribers) that trust you and want to hear from you. These are the folks that I would think you could consider prospects for your paid membership.

    Starting from scratch, asking strangers (who have no trust or experience with you) to commit to monthly payments, can be a difficult approach - not impossible, mind you - but difficult regardless of the niche.

    Recurring payments from a membership site seem so "ideal" and perfect but not many people think about all the work and admin chores there are that go along with this business model.



    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I'd start with what you think the market needs. Then tailor your solution to that need. Are there other similar membership sites? If not, then it might not be such a great idea. Are people willing to spend money for this sort of information? Also, can they get similar info for free?
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    Run, don't walk, and get a copy The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow or go to the website.

    Whether to run it free or paid, you need something to justify whether it's a viable business model for a membership site.

    Free means you will need a backend product, or products, to earn money from it. Do you plan to use affiliate programs, advertising, create your own products?

    The last thing you want is to look back a year from now and wonder why your idea isn't working.

    "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating" ~ Oscar Wilde

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    I have always used Launch Formula Marketing, They are now called the best membership script. You can grab a free copy of the software if you google that name or Launch formula marketing membership script... It has free and paid options, various membership levels, integration with paypal etc... makes it all simple
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    uhmm...The Diabetic niche has been a popular topic of discussion on this Forum, lately
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    "I am good in writing articles but do now know how to start a membership website"

    Are you SURE you're good at writing?
    CONTENT WRITER. Reliable, UK-Based, 6 Years Experience - ANY NICHE
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  • Its better to go paid right off the bat. Ive created a paid membership program for a past client that generated reacurring income per month without making a membership website.

    Bring In More Cash For Your Business With High Caliber Copy

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    I have always liked the idea of free and upgraded so you have multiple exposures to the free member. You get multiple chances to explain why it is good to be a paid member over just one sales letter.
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