Probably a dumb question, but maybe not.

by josh80
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First off I just want to say hello. I've been "creeping" and browsing these forums for a long time and have actually taken a lot from here. That is exactly why I am asking this here.

So I am starting to see traffic coming to my website via "Blackhatworld" and forums such as that, coming from Russia and other countries that seem a little sketchy.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Because I am.

If so, how would I go about finding the actual link on a forum like that and what can I do about it.

Or am I just being paranoid?

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    It all goes down to what you offer on that page - and what page they're landing at on your website. For example, if you're selling a product on your website and the traffic is landing on your welcome page then you will understand that they found a backdoor to your product page and they're getting free copies.

    on the other hand, if you're offering valuable information on a regular blog - there is NO source of traffic out there that should worry you! All traffic is money.

    Why would you be worried ?

    Edit: Oh and no question is a dumb question bud!
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    Well my main concern was how that would affect say my advertisers and Google for example. Seeing traffic like that and possibly having a back link on a website like that.
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    Google takes care of traffic quality and pays you accordingly, in terms of Adsense , IMO, you shouldn't worry.
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    Well I'm pretty sure I figured out what it was, if anyone else is having this issue and hasn't seen this. This Russian Is Spamming Google Analytics to Show His Support for Trump | Motherboard
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    Interesting problem. I understand the analytics spam, but that may not be it.

    If you have Google Webmaster tools hooked up you should be able to find all of the sites that link to you that Google has indexed in "Search Appearance > Links to your Site"

    That's worth taking a look at, just to ensure that there is nothing shady going on - because I haven't gotten analytics spam from forums before.
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      Yeah just checked. Nothing. I was also getting traffic from Motherboard.Vice as well.
      I'm thinking it was that Russian guy. Seems like hit hit quite a few people.
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        My site got some of that traffic too. Nothing to worry about I guess.
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    If you are getting traffic which you are paying for and are not getting results, try other places to market.

    You can't rely on one source to get you traffic. You need to test multiple places.
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    If you didn't purchase it, then I wouldn't worry about it. You obviously have no control on who lands on your site, and Google has enough sense to figure that out.
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    This is a fake traffic and you don't have to do anything about it. My blog also gets these type of statistics in Analytics
    WebInfopond- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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      Well, if your analytics accuracy is not an issue, and you don't even bother to know the exact details of your true traffic stats, or you don't have any funnels and you're just an affiliate leaving things to chance, there's no need to worry.

      But if you feel each person can make a difference in putting an end to this dirty game, you may simply add a filter in your traffic referrals dashboard tab, to keep the same from happening in the future.
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    Your getting 'bot' traffic mate! Nothing to worry about except that you may not be getting too much traffic other than the bot traffic. Hopefully not!
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  • If you're getting it for free - there's nothing to worry about, but the safety of the information stored in your databases (contacts or anything valuable).

    But when you start purchasing traffic - you'll understand how massive the bot issue really is and you might encounter a lot of things that will leave you scratching your head and asking questions)
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