my budget + your me cross the finish line

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i have been lurking here for some time. i have read and i have posted. im not smart. i like business and i like money. money earned online can offset my car payment or daycare bill. i have a 9-5 and im good at it. im efficient at it. i have the spare time to set up a system and watch it grow. i feel IM marketing, with the right combinations of factors, is a set it and monitor type of system.

by factors i mean, pick a niche, buy domain and hosting, build a site, sign up with auto responder, set up FB page, etc....idk. just my thoughts.

my niche - making money via mobile devices. my market is both an entrenpreneur who wants to start a mobile marketing business and needs help learning the ropes AND local business/entities who can benefit from mobile marketing communications. to the entrepreneur, i want to sell a digital audio course via PayHip and to the business/entity i want to push affiliate programs and earn monthly small commissions thru sms marketing providers.

my site - a one page landing site just to, i dont know, play around and see how my interest levels increases or decreases given my new business hobby. the site needs to be re-designed. i just dont know how solid of a foundation i have given the list of factors i already have set up. i might spend some more money to redesign the site and pay somebody for copy/content

i have an autoresponder - i think i have only collected about 40 emails. i have only 5 emails set up. the emails were not call to actions however, they were just to engage the people who signed up and make sure i was getting my emails opened. i was testing a couple things out...again it was my first time. i was testing out the site to see if i was getting any sign ups based on the traffic i was bringing...i did get some sign ups but i didnt really have a product to sell i was kind of wining and dining them for a bit instead of hitting them with a sales pitch immediately after they sign up.

i have a facebook page with 11k likes,. most of them were bought overseas just to create some sort of foundations. my logic was to build a fan base before i start promoting to my market. i feel as though if the market of people i really want to sell to see my page with 11k in likes, they would be more inclined to like it opposed to a page with 37 likes. i know you can argue that oversea likes are pointless and to the most part you are correct, but if i had more time i can make the case that the likes are 100 entirely pointless, they do have some merit.

i dont know how to cross the finish line and start earning. im not sure what to tweak. should i focus on entrenpreneurs and sell audio books? should i just refer people to sms providers and earn small commissions? should i tweak content on the landing page to convert more?

my plan is, if possible, to generate a passive 600-900 per month. i have capital needed to invest. i feel like you need a small amount to test data and then scale with paid traffic. i am still in the testing phase i know. just looking for maybe a mentor to walk me through some things
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    If you're willing to work just 2 hours a day, I've heard of this system that will allow you to earn $3500 per month -- far above the $600 - $900 a month you're hoping to earn.

    Oh wait... The system I'm thinking of... It's the one on your website. Maybe you should try what you're selling?
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    Why would you need 600-900 per month? You're already at $3500/month according to your website, why not just scale what you're already doing?!

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    When I'm faced with this type of scenario, I reduce variables. One thing you might want to consider is simplifying what you're looking at. Reduce the complexity.
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      Originally Posted by Mark Lyons View Post

      I am using this great opportunity as an affiliate towards increasing my internet business..check it out....
      Its real nice almost Christmas and already we are getting gifts just wish it was not a spammer with his links
      My Christmas bauble is telling me a nuking is coming !!!

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    my budget + your me cross the finish line
    So your budget is nothing.

    Good for you.
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    I know the answers may sound rude - but they are on point.

    You have the "surface stuff" (my term for it) down pretty well. You chose a domain, put up one page site, got an autoresponder and wrote 5 general emails.

    You bought cheap, foreign FB 'likes' even though you say yourself it's pointless.

    Stick with me here:

    You've asked in other threads about this site/idea and had some good advice. You've mentioned several times you were recording a course on mobile marketing. You've asked good questions and clearly you've thought about this a lot.

    But - where's the "meat"????

    You are asking people to sign up for a "FREE COURSE" when there is no course to be had. You have a "business" with no substance. You are telling people YOU can teach them to earn $3500/month - and you are asking how to earn less than a thousand yourself. How do you plan to "create a course" when you don't know how to make money with your own method?

    If you want to sell something - HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL. Find products to promote or create a product - don't try to teach what you can't do yourself. There are many affiliate products that would fit that particular domain name.

    Put some content on your landing page - I'm surprised anyone signed up with such vague info...maybe that's a sign it is a good niche.

    Clearly, you are not afraid to step out and try things - now dig deeper and put some real work into it.
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    You need to get some kind of Product to be in that funnel of emails. Not necessarily right off from email 1 but you should have researched and got an idea before you even started to write Follow Ups, imo

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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